June 11th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Gay Pride!!

Ohmanwoah. Didn't go to the show on Friday night and was sad then, but it's fine now.

Gay Pride. So. much. fun. Seriously. The service at Arlington Street Church was AMAZING, too. The march was so great. There was a very pained-looking man that came up and talked to me before it and then waved to me during it. He was nifty, even though he was quite the smoker. Anyway, I got people chanting and stuff.

It was raining. I loved that. I got think I helped other people stay happy. I was apparently "the walking rainbow" which was amazingly spiffy. I smiled thewholetime. All of it. My cheeks hurt so bad it was great. I complimented a lot of people for their outfits. So great.

A woman came and joined us near the end and she talked about how ridiculous discrimination is so passionately. I loved that. It's such an embracing environment; I felt so supported. I didn't feel alone at all, at any point. I love that the most. Someone at the beginning of the parade walked by with his girlfriend "boo"ing us, but it was so easy to handle when I knew there were so many people around me that were like me or weren't but had my back anyway. I don't think there's a better feeling for me.

Linda and Mark's surprise 25th birthday party was okay. I went and found a corner to read in when I was feeling freaked out. A woman came up and talked to me--kind of condescending about the Aggie thing, but I handled it. She definitely knew I was intelligent by the time we were done talking. Went home and had a great conversation with Treebum.

Bike ride after that. EXCELLENT. Stopped at a stream and sang out. Man walked by at the end and I didn't notice until I'd finished. Looked at me strangely. Haha oooops. "You've Got a Friend", Carole King. I got up the hill I couldn't even get up when I was fit. <3. Proud. I love the sound of birds in the woods when there's only the sound of running water and wind in the leaves to accompany it. Beauty.

Amy Speace's show was Fantastic. Yes, with the uppercase "F". Hung out with Arah, Alex/Twinny, and Anti-Social Steve. Got Arah to dance with me. Laughed a lot. Good toffe stuff--don't remember what it wascalled. Arah made me sad by not coming back into the second half so she could play chess with Anti-Social Steve. (Who DOES that, at a LIVE SHOW?) I dragged her back to dance with me for the last song and encore. Then I hung around with her and Twinny being silly, loud, witty, and hyper. Twas fun.

Today I went to church and watched Mum cry for all the parental speeches. It was the Graduates Bridging Ceremony. Haha. It was great. Then I hung out with Pashi, Arah, Gar, Arnarb, and John (who needs a nickname). I read some excerpts from "The Goose is Out". I read the back, too. Pashi wants to read it. Arag "got it". Arnarb and John couldn't get it 'cause they kept trying to grasp it and get their minds around it. That doesn't work well with Zen, since that's not the point. So it was sort of funny.

They said I'd make a good Zen master. That I've just got that right personality--I don't take myself too seriously and enjoy my fun and games, and I'm just that erratic and spontaneous. Haha. That made me laugh and dance. I did a lot of dancing this weekend. And singing. And loving.

I gave a lot of hugs today. Fwee!! Three for Dan. Haha. He scared me at one point when I was hiding from the sun and couldn't see. He hugged me goodbye and I started yelling 'cause I was surprised and stuff. It was fun.

Came home, internet, food. We might be getting rid of Bella. Not really "getting rid" of her, but giving her away to someone who could really use a dog that wants that much attention. It'd be to a woman who lost her husband and needs someone or something to love. First I was angry, but only 'cause Mum made it out that we abuse Bella or something. Not true. Or that we don't care for Muggzzey anymore. Again, not true. And she didn't consider how Mugz would feel without Bel. Dogs get depressed often when their companion goes away. She asked what we should do--I suggested a trial period where this woman takes Bella, she sees how they get along, and we see how well Mugz does without Bel. Lex and Da agreed with me, and then Mum. Said it was a good idea. Fwee!

That would mean Mugz could sleep with me again and go back to being my best pal. And he'd get to go places with Mum. I'd be able to take him on walks easily, and hang out with him without Bella scratching my arms off. She always needs so much attention and she always will--that's just what happens when someone is raised neglected and gets a taste of attention. Especially a pug.

Went to the video store with Da to get "Harold and Maud". It was gone. Picked up American Pie, 'cause people from band used to talk about it and I wanted to see it. Washed the dogs. Took them out and played with them. Brushed their teeth. Hung out with them. Now I'm up here ready to watch the movie but I can't find the XBox remote for the DVD part. Going to ask Mum if she knows where it is.

I hope to clean my room so it's ready for Mugz if this works out. I hope it does--the woman could really use Bel and I'd still be able to see her. Though I'll have to see how Mugz is able to cope without Bel. I think he'll do okay--he's never really liked her all that much. All she does is bug him. He never follows her around or tries to snuggle up with her--it's always her doing that. He just seems annoyed with her most of the time.

'Kay. Off I go. Hopefully shorter entries for a while.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

I am so not sane. (-Cough-, Dear Jess....)


That was amazing.

I just watched "American Pie". It was so horrible. I loved it. I got so sucked in. Haha, when one of the guys had the chance to be with that swimmer girl who was so into it... yeah. I was YELLING at the TV. Cussing, even!

It was a funny sight. Heehee.

I LOVED Michelle! I remember back in 8th grade when everyone kept saying Jess/Motormouth was so much like Michelle. But I'd never seen it, so I just nodded along...

Then I watched the movie.

They are SO RIGHT! At least, the way I remember her. She seemed like, "Yeahyeah bandcampwe'recoolwhatever" but then when she wanted something sexual it was like, "Well DUH, of COURSE I know how to kiss now why are your lips far enough away that I can talk to you and have it NOT come out 'mrrfmrrfles?'" She's an amazing kid.

So yeah, I decided I'd reknot the ties and such. She's said "hi" to me through Lex a couple of times, but I have a feeling he never returns the "hello"s I send her back. I still know her number, and I've stopped by a couple of times... but yeah, I miss her a lot.

(We threw the best Christmas party ever.)

I kind of want her to teach me the flute again. Even though I'd have to pay and stuff. That would be such a blast.

I friended her on myspace. I'll call her, when it's not too late. Haha. Her family would NOT appreciate a call at 11 o'clock at night.

I loved that movie.

Oh! And I was attracted to the choir girl (I can never remember names in movies). (I only remember Michelle's name 'cause she screamed, "WHAT'S MY NAME, BITCH?!?" and it's kind of hard to forget when he's all... "Uhh, uhh... MICHELLE!" and she knocks out a lamp with her fist or whatever.) Then I looked closer and was so amazed to see that she's blonde.

I'm so pleased. I was attracted to a blonde. Two, actually. The girl that played in "But I'm a Cheerleader" who was also in that. I think I completed my life, only not really.

Now I want to go to school tomorrow 'cause I've got a half day and no work to do. Even though I like work. Whatever. I'll assign myself a project. Teehee.

... I want to go to band camp. But I don't have the chance. Lex DOES and he wants to freakin' QUIT. I want to kill him. If I weren't in love with that Aggie, I'd switch to KP just for the marching band. Even though I'd probably have to learn percussion and be in the Pit 'cause I can't march. I'd figure something out, haha.

Unfortunately (and fortunately), I DO love the Aggie. So no marching band. I can have my fantasies though, right? ('Cause, y'know, flutes are cool for more than one reason... -waggles eyebrows only not really.-)

I should totally go to sleep. Rightnow. But I'm not. -Shakes fist at self.-

Oh, Eli/Robin/Rob? If you've got Jess over or you're at her house when you read this (or remember it when you are), could you show her the parts that she might be interested in? Like, the parts about her and marching band or something? Probably not about the blondes. I don't think she'd really care. Most people wouldn't. I shouldn't. But I couldn't...! (Enough rhyming.)

Yeah. That'd be nifty.

(I am so not sane.)

So this is still a long entry. In, like, length, at least. Not in paragraph size. Just in that... -scrolls up-, yes it's length is long. Ohhhsnappysnaps. -Waves.-