June 5th, 2006

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It's 11 o'clock at night.
I half-arsed a project.
I didn't do my English homework.
I had my finger in my drawer and then imagined someone shutting the drawer so hard my finger fell off.

I think I'm a bit upset.
Apparently I put Lisa's last names in entries. I never meant to. I mean, I did but I didn't. Ugh.
She called the other day. Asked me to take it out.
It was a horrible entry.
Read through my "lesbian_kiwi" entries.

They're pretty much all horrible.
So I've been apologizing to people for hor bad I treated them.
It's been sucky.
I was feeling really good, but then I called Lisa to ask how her job went...
She's exhausted and was ready to crash. I get that.
Asked about the name thing. Oh goodness do I get that.
Asked if I could asist her in a few ways (hey, I was the one that butchered the situation, after all). More understanding, and I agreet.
Apologized for the third time.
Now I'm sitting here wondering if she thinks I'm a horrible person.

What if they've been spending time at home talking about what a vile creature I am? Except that there way above that, where I'm not.
Because I've got to come home and report it all into my livejournal.

Ugh. I should email myself my stupid project and go to sleep.
But I don't want to sleep.
Which means I need to. =[.