May 29th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.



I just got a text message from a number I didn't recognize that said, "Closet door=open".

I give shifty eyes, bend over in my chair to see that my closet door is indeed open, get upright, fix my hat, and ponder freaking out.

Because, y'know, a random person that couldbeastalker knows that my closet door is OPEN.

Then I sat back in my chair and thought, "Wait. I'm, like, the Gay Kiwi. What if 'closet door=open' is someone telling me that he or she has come out in the non-secret code language of queerlings?"

I laugh, ask my Da if he recognizes the area code, and sit down again. I think of Fae. Maybe she came out and sent me a text messager.

I laugh again. Fae the stalker.

I eventually call the number back and hear her from the automatic response/answering machine.

Haha. I am so proud! And amused. 'cause, yeah, Fae the Stalker.

I have the largest urge to call her Stalky. But Fae is a nifty name.

Merf's party was nice. Hugged and "made up" with Emily because I absolutely stink at disliking people. She apologized for being a bitch. I did too.

... I am so bad at being a mean teenager. I think that part of me is broken. =[.

No Snoopy--Da wanted a quiet night at home since Mum couldn't get back.

Mrs. Cavanagh emailed. Replied. Feel good. =].