May 27th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Saturday at the Con.

Yayay! It was great fun! =].

<3. Got to see all these amazing costumes.

<3. Found Hitomi within an hour of getting there.

<3. Followed her around for a while.

<3. Met Yuki, who was cosplaying as Paine (extra <3s!!).

<3. Met Heero, who was cosplaying as Rikku (coupled with Paine, more extra <3s!!)

They weren't doing too well, and were in bad moods/feeling weak. Helped Yuki when she spilled the stuff out of her bag. Helped get them up to the hotel room. That was during lunch.

<3. Pillow fight with Yuki and Hitomi, who cosplayed Sasuke.

<3. Hung around with them for a long while; they were great.

<3. Bought a little jaguar-like tail that actually touches the ground because I'm so short.

Creepy guy came and talked to us.

<3. Yuki noticed that I stopped talking and felt uncomfortable, so she helped me out and then got us out of there.

<3. Everyone always taking pictures of Yuki & Heero/Paine & Rikku.

<3. Reading my "The Goose Is Out" book to myself out loud in an English accent while Yuki and Heero got a special picture taken.

<3. Hanging out with them in the dealer room and looking at all the sexy action figures.

<3. Getting FMA gloves since they're thin and nice. Even work with my iPod.

<3. Hanging out in Sakura's hotel room, drawing, and watching Teen Titans then Saving Private Ryan.

<3. Getting a ride home with Hitomi's Da.

<3. Seeing an AMAZING shooting star while waiting in their driveway due to the superb weather and breath-taking scenery.

<3. Being back home, where the tallest things around are the trees.

No email from Mrs. Cavanagh, but she's probably busy moving her daughter's new spousecritter's belongings.

<3. More Anime Boston tomorrow.

<3. Getting screen names and contact information.

<3. Yuki and Heero doodling in my sketchbook.

So yes, that was my con experience. =P.

The time spent with Hitomi was amazing, too. I don't get to see her often. It was nice to spend some time with her. Haha. Oh! Her friend Blubs came, and actually rememered me from when we were little tikes! That was funny.

I kept looking over and seeing them with their hands on the other's boobs. It was great fun. Haha.

Oh. Teehee. Hitomi made me hug an Utena cosplayer. And some guy got a hug from me because he was counting how many hugs he could get. I was number 320. Aaaand a girl came up and hugged me for wearing all my rainbow. <3.