May 26th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Ganked from Fae.

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Sweet. I'm a geeky emo hippie with goth tendancies. Hahaha.

For once I actually got up at 5:30. Normally I just set my alarm to that and hit snooze until 6. It feels good to be up now, even though I didn't get much sleep at all.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


School was great. Sat with Pan in the morning, gave Mikki her money (actually, I threw it up and said "Free money!" just to watch everyone scramble around, but she eventually got it), and ate a banana. Talked to Mrs. Cavanagh in the morning, and gave her a hug over the migraine thing a lot.

In health Swain gave us parental screening stuff to do. I always wanted her as a teacher. Ah well.

Study I started writing a little story from my hair about the picture I drew for therapy. It, along with a bit too much free thinking, got me in an odd mood. Mrs. Cavanagh came in around 15 minutes before the period ended, and had just awoken from a nap.

It was weird. She walked in and before I looked up to see that she looked tired, I felt tired. I hadn't been a moment before, and I wasn't a moment after. I just felt tired, looked up, and saw that she was tired. Odd.

We talked. It was nice and slow, with our lovely non-awkward silences that I so enjoy with the eye-contact. She blew me a kiss when I left, since that always seems to comfort me. I did, but I was still in an odd mood and felt like crying.

Forestry my hip hurt and I felt no better so I mainly sat around and watched. That was okay, though, because the other people in the class just stood around and watched. Envitech we watched more of that movie that I don't pay attention to since I missed so much of it reading. I hope he doesn't test us on it.

Talked to Steele during history, since we had a little breakfast party. I didn't really want much, but I did eat a little french toast so people wouldn't get nitpicky. Steele said my writing is "mature", that I can carry a theme well (!!), and that my sense of imagery is nice. She can see everything that goes on in my writing. That made me happy, the latter two are the things I really try at. I hadn't been aware, however, that she thought my writing mature. She said I was seemed "pensive" and gave me a little talk, which I appreciated.

English we watched the movie and I laughed when Mr. Dufault said there was something about the White Witch that he liked, and always commented, "She's all ready to be my prom date" since he'd been teasing a few girls in the class about which of the horde were their dates. I asked him after class if he liked Tilda Swinton (plays the White Witch and the angel Gabriel in Constantine), and he said she was beautiful. We agreed. 'twas fun.

Lunch with Makuchan and no Kleppy. It was wonderful, as guilty as I feel to say that. We talked a little and it was fun, then there was some nice silence. I don't know if she noticed the silence, but I did and adored it. I didn't have to clean up messes that came about from stupidity. That was nice.

I missed Mrs. Brown so much. Had algebra, and we're getting back into it full force.

In chem we fooled around most of the period then had a review sheet to do. I didn't get much of it done at all. I'm hoping we don't have a test Tuesday, but I don't know. I don't think we do--Mrs. Cavanagh normally wouldn't do that.

Talked to her after school before I got on the bus. (There's my secret, why I'm always so late.) She told me she's going to be on a new medication next week, one that will "shock her system" so she won't have so many migraines. It will also make her irritable and "aggressive" so she warned me that she might be very cranky next week. I told her I'd hug her anway, and she smiled as she said, "Good. I think I'll need hugs."

Haha. She called us "kindred spirits" when I told her about how I finally admitted to myself that my headache was sinus-oriented, whereas before I had been telling myself, "It's only a headache. I don't need medication because it's only a headache." =P.

Bus home with Pan. Almost fell asleep. Drove home with Grammie, didn't die. Went online. It started raining, so I had to go outside and put my/Ben's bike in the garage. I liked being out in the rain. I apologized to the spider when I disturbed it by lifting up garage door, and then again when I closed it. =]. I'm so odd.

I ended up napping from around 4:30 to 9:00, with wake up time every once in a while to turn on my pain-go-away machine or to adjust my headphones.

I have to take the decongestants in an hour. My ear hurts. My throat is dry and painful. My head is starting to hurt. Oh yay. I hope I feel better tomorrow for the con.

Sorry for the long entry.
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