May 25th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I'm having sinus problems. They're bad. I finally admitted it to myself.

I don't want this to turn into an infection. That means anti-biotics and pounds of yogurt washed down with bacteria pills and water.

Da's out getting decongestants.

Chemistry MCAS was hard, but lots of time with Mrs. Cavanagh and Ms. Frasier. <3 them.

Fun with Pan/Andi.

Some writing.

Bike ride, saw the sun setting. It was nice.

Brother does not exist at the moment. But he's upset about the solo he messed up, so that probably won't last long. I'll probably cave and write him a little note.

Regular school tomorrow. I cannot wait. I just want to get into school.

Plus I left my book at school. I really want that, too. I think I'm within 50 pages of the end.

The protagonist has her girlfriend and is fighting the antagonist. I really want that book now pleaseandthanks.

Nightnight time.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


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So Tarrin, the love of mine she is, threatened to yell at Kleppy (UnseenDisaster**). That's really not my style, but I adore that she offered.

I feel so hurt. I mean, I know I was horrible. I knew that almost right away. So what did I do? Apologized. Tried to make it hurt less for Kleppy. I don't want to hurt her. What does she do? Take it and sign off.

I feel so incredibly hurt. What do I get? Maybe she's just oblivious. It just doesn't seem like that. I think she knows how much she hurts me when she says stuff like "Do we have to just crush and step on everyhting I say?" I'm a sensitive person--most people know that. Who wouldn't know that would cut deeply? She was a best friend to me in ninth grade. She knows. Oh, how she knows.

I told Mum, when she came in. We talked about it, and she said they call it "surviving high school" for a reason, haha. Yeah. I, in a moment of confidence, said I thought I was surviving extraordinarily well. She agreed. I was surprised at that.

So, yeah. I'm feeling better now, but I need to sleep over this. Ouch. Time for bed. I had wanted to write a little story about yucky pink pills, too. Oh well.

Night, for real.
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