May 24th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


One side of my nose isn't working.

Yesterday was the math MCAS with no calculators. I think I did well. I went all out on the open response questions--I think I put down enough information/explaining/showing of the working to get a 4 on every one if I get them right, and a 3 if I get the actual answer wrong on a few.

Finished late, right before lunch. Ahhahhah... I'm so slow at taking the MCAS.

Today, math with a calculator. I hope I do well.

Yesterday I was feeling crummy because Mrs. Osborne still hasn't replied to my email, and I put all that's happened with my hip since I last talked to her and I know she'd reply to that quickly if she could.

I was getting worried, though. Then I remembered when I emailed Mrs. Henrich, and how she replied the next day. I sent her a reply and... she still hasn't sent one back. So I'm thinking maybe there's something wrong with KPN's computer network, or something.

I want to stop by and see Mrs. Osborne. It's hard, with Mum having a job. I wonder when the Aggie's next half day is...
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

So, grr.

I'm miffed by people.

Screw it. I'm going to Anime Boston anyway. And Kat's party. Regardless of who is or is not going on both accounts.

I'm so sick of following people around like a puppy on a freakin' leash.

It's not as though I planned to hang out with any of them, anyway. Half of them wouldn't have time for me and the other half would probably bug me.

Mikki doesn't understand how I'm not going as anyone.

Want to know why?

A.) I can't sew.
B.) I don't think I currently fit any characters.
C.) I'd much rather go as myself, and watch what goes on.

It's weird enough as it is that this is going to be my first ever anime con and I'm going completely alone. Whatever. As long as I'm not raped, killed, or anything like that, I'll be fine. Maybe make a friend. I'll see what happens.

Therapy today. ... I didn't really talk. I'm not comfortable with her enough to talk about really serious stuff. How does that makes sense, though, if I was comfortable enough to talk about how I wasn't comfortable with her as far as that goes...? So I don't make sense.

That's not surprising to anyone, I'm sure.

Oh, and in a few minutes? I'll probably feel bad for putting this up here. I'm very bitter at the moment. So if I hurt anyone, I am sorry. I probably won't take it down, though, because I don't really believe in that for my livejournal.

Chem MCAS tomorrow. Pilot. I'm free. Then I get my brain back, stop seeing floating standardized-test bubbles, and dreaming of playing darts by throwing number two pencils at the ruddy bubbles.

... even though I still like MCAS and the open response.

Mrs. Cavanagh saw me doing the math MCAS while she was proctoring and left me a little note on a piece of paper, "Let your shoulders drop. Breathe. =)" It's in my wallet. I adore her, seriously. I gave her a hug in the hall on my way to the Main Conference room.

Wiggins hasn't bothered me about my stupid major.

Lex hasn't bothered me all day.

Nothing has been blown too terribly out of proportion. With that, I say g'night.