May 23rd, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

I've now got the sniffles.

-Shakes fist at the world.-

Why do I have to get the sniffles for every single standardized test I take?

I've been getting the sniffles for them since we started having them. I cannot honestly remember taking even ONE standardized test without having the sniffles.

It's always so annoying, because I end up making the class want to kill me with all of my nose blowing. -Sadness.-

I'm going to go get dressed and maybe start Josh's picture for his barn lady.

Edit:: Oh, and? I was wondering if I could make a very vague request for a layout. I know only a few of the people on my list make them, but yeah... I don't really want to make my own this time around. The request, as I said, would be very vague.

... Just dark and with gothic beauty. So whoever took the request would have to enjoy being creative with art and ideas, rather than just following through with what I give... yeah.

Thanks. And if no one does feel like doing the request (which I'd totally get) I'll do my own. It'll just take a long while.