May 16th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Yeah, my day.

Had my major officially pulled this morning. Was ready to kill Wiggins with her, "Well, you're not the only one... other people in other schools blahblahblah my daughter blah blah college course blah sad." Majorly miffed.

Miserable study. Forestry all right. Yelled at Kleppy. Guilt. Talked to Watson--picking horticulture/ornamental gardening/floriculture. Will talk to Broduer. I feel better after talking to Watson.

92 on envitech quiz, yay-ish. Nothing special in history. Mr. Dufault's one bad kid. =P. Lunch was food-oriented.

GSA 7th period. Talked about nomination for officers. People up front whispering and pointing at me, then wrote something down. I was nominated. Decided to run for president in the end. So cha, I'm running for president...

They said I'd be a good one. <3. That I get stuff done, and I'll be an asset. That makes me HAPPY.

Chemistry was nice. Talked with Andi. Duct tape conversations. More lab work. Homework sheet and the lab to do. Mrs. Cavanagh was smiling when I talked to her and left. Yay.

Surprise therapy appointment. Need to get in touch with my emotions about my hip. Suggested painting and writing about the "characters" (trees, paths, animals) in my pictures--actually, from the characters.

Clean-ish room. Bamboo mat down soon, since Grammie got it for me. <3. Tired. Homework and bed time. Shower tomorrow morning before school.