May 11th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I love my bed. I'm very tired and want to melt into it.
Have been correcting and on the phone a lot. Obligations.

You seemed a bit wilted on your way to the bus. Water
perks up plants and people, too. Hope PT was tolerable.

Mrs. Cav

=]. I love the way she started her email. :P.

I'm listening to the Mary Poppins soundtrack. <3.

I'm going to Youth Pride! =D.

MCAS stinks and makes me feel stupid. =[. I don't appreciate it. I'm certainly not dim! Humph.

I started a chainsaw. It took urging, though. I tried twice and failed, so Mertz said, "Come on; think of something you're frustrated about!" I thought for a few seconds and replied meekly, "For once, I'm not frustrated about anything..." He laughed and exclaimed, "Your kind of people is always frustrated about something!" I then got frustrated with not being able to start a chainsaw, and pulled the string as quickly as I could. ... it started. I passed off the chainsaw and commented to Mertz, "You're right; my kind of people is always frustrated about something."

♥ being out.

Watched movie on chocolate.

"Just a spoon full of suggar makes the medicine go down."
O_O. Her voice is so amazing. -Drool.-

Mrs. Brown is helpful. =].

Mrs. Cavanagh kissed her fingers and blew me a kiss to cheer me up when I appeared "wilted" in her classroom. I know I looked pale and scared--MCAS had intimidated me more than usual. -_-;.

I have a few problems left to do, and I'm tired. This is an update (shock?).

Sweet dreams and goodnight,