May 5th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Arnold Arboretum was awesome. In the morning, before it, I chatted with Mrs. Cavanagh. Hung out with Mrs. Watson, Mertz, Mr. Nelson, Kleppy, and Makuchan at different points during the field trip. It was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but it ended on a highrise, so that's awesome.

Talked to Mrs. Cavanagh when I got back. She does nothing period two, when I have studdies every other day. That's so spiff.

... Mum came into the room and told me my shirt was "very sexy" because it went down so low, but she said it in an odd way. So I looked at her sidelong and pointed out that she walks around naked half the time, so what does she have to say?

((Because she does.))

She said she likes it anyway, and that my outfit looked good. And sexy.

And uhm... normally Treebum/Tarrin is the only one that tells me I look sexy.

But... my MUM? Okay... -Blinkblink.-

Mum's so strange sometimes.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I watched MirrorMask.



Normally, I'll watch a movie and I'll see a character that reminds me of someone I know. So I'll be completely content to think, "Oh, [he or she] reminds me of [him or her]." But for the first time either ever or in a very, very long time I thought, "Hey, she reminds me of me."

That means a lot to me, truly.

It has also inspired me to learn to juggle, along with Andrew saying that I'd make a good juggler.

Apparently my years of jock-dom haven't completely pooled out of my toes in their two years of mis- or disuse.

So, off I go to juggle, play inside my head a bit, and trot off to sleep.
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