May 2nd, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

My day.

I'm alive, and I liked the weather today. I did a lot of smiling when I walked from class to class. It was nice.

I thought often enough of my conversation with Peaches (previously known as "Varg" in this journal) and how I do indeed want to see her. I thought her voice sounded super nifty, even though she was sick. She just has a cool voice.

Mrs. Brown was absent, and that made me sad. I had a study in Mrs. Steele's class because there were so many people absent (I'm not sure why). I wrote more to my Fae story.

I need to start up a Rosethorn/Lark "Name" story for a challenge that I may have missed. I was really interested in doing it, though, because I had come up for an idea for that kind of story long before the challenge came out.

I accidentally fell asleep, and that miffed me because I woke up not knowing I had slept. My brain is still fuzzy, and I just want to get back to sleep. Unfortunately, I have an envitech quiz to study for.

I'm hungry.

People can be so immature, and it's annoying. I wish things turned out less dramatic. It gets really grating.

I took a chem test today, and though I got the shakes when I cut time so close, I think I did well. Mrs. Cavanagh made me smile.

Oh! I didn't finish the English test, before... the last essay. I was thinking Mr. Dufault wouldn't let me make it up, and that he'd take the 15 off. I go in and find out he didn't know I hadn't finished, though I'd told him. He said he had thought it was peculiar that I had ended so quickly; it wasn't like me.

It turns out he had only taken 5 off! So with an unfinished essay, he took less off of mine than he took off of a lot of people's finished essays. That amazed me, since I thought he'd take off 15. That left me with a 95 AND he let me finish the essay (I added one more body paragraph and a conclusion) and he said it was enough to make up the points, so I got a 100. Wow.

Now, I'm off to study for that test, do some algebra, and go to sleep. After I finish talking to Kat. (-Hugs.-)

Kleppy still won't stop talking about Robbie, yet won't let any of us ask him to semi for her. Or do it herself. It's really, REALLY annoying me. And I know I was pretty horrible about her being excited about Robbie coming to plant science, and I'll apologise about that... but I really, REALLY don't want to hear about Robbie non-stop! I've never been one to want to just listen about crushes and how wonderful they are.

I like deep or silly conversation. I don't want to hear about boys, Robbie, and hair constantly from Makuchan and Kleppy, though that seems to be all I hear. Anyway, that's another rant for another day. Most likely for my written journal.

Goodnight, all.
I love you. (Yes, everyone who is reading this.)
(Even you.)