April 30th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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This weekend was great.

+ Con.
+ Meeting new people. (Ben, Derrel, Danny, Laura, Jessica.)
+ Going out to ice cream with Ben, Derrel, Danny, Laura, and Pashi.
+ Getting cream soda and drinking it outside with new friends.
+ Church and passing notes.
+ Eating donuts and bagels with those I love and respect.
+ Lunch with Gar and her mother.
+ Watching Fiddler on the Roof, with Gar as an AMAZING fiddler.
+ Emails from Mrs. Cavanagh, and saying we're more alike than I've imagined.
(I have imagined, she just doesn't know that.)

I was contemplating staying up for an hour or such writing. Instead I'm thinking I'll go to sleep, wake up tomorrow and take a quick shower (Da fixed up the plaster) and then write.

Thanks to Mrs. Cavanagh and her suggestion for deep breathing and concentrating on my breath when I try to sleep, I can fall asleep in around ten minutes. Compared to the hour and a half it used to be... YEEHAW!! =P.

I did up a new layout. It's growing on me, actually. Why am I so much better at making layouts for other people? I guess I'm just more critical on mine.

I sort of like it.

All right, I'm off to sleep.

Sweet dreams and goodnight
(and I hope you all feel good/better),