April 27th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

A lab ate my chemistry teacher!!! ...

Today was amazing. I was happy and such, and it was fun. ANDANDAND I talked to Mertz, and he's letting me think up my own project to do this term as something I can actually do, so he can give me an A for the term. He gave me a B because I can't do as much as the other kids, and that makes sense. He can't give me an A if I can't do it. Please don't tell me it's not fair... my situation isn't fair. It's strange for a vocational teacher, especially arbor--the major most commonly outside doing stuff--to have to deal with. He's doing his best, and by agreeing he's being absolutely great.

I'm exhausted from PT, so after I finish this entry I'm going to go sleep.

Mrs. Cavanagh emailed me back a little while ago. Her ending was:

Oh, oh. Six sets of quizzes, tests, and lab reports are
calling me. I can't hide any longer.

Good night.
Mrs. Cav

At the end of my reply, around an hour after she sent it, I wrote:

In my tired state, I now have the mental image of you hiding behind a couch with a pillow in front of your face just low enough to peek around and glance fearfully at a coffee table stacked with papers. After saying it, I now want to draw it. Meeeep. It is a funny image to carry, though. Oh. The "you" in my head just made a fly swatter magically appear and started poking at the table. ... the labs poked back. o-o. I'm going to halt my imagination there, because I wouldn't want the lab reports in my head to eat the chemistry teacher in my head, especially when I'm typing it all down for the real-life chemistry teacher and...

BED TIME. NOW. -Headthunk.-

I'm going to go drag myself across the carpet to my pad on the floor/my bed and *hopefully* (-fingers crossed-) "pass out" and not wake up until 5:50 tomorrow morning.

I hope the labs and their allies don't eat you,


That was at the end, after I'd replied to the rest of her email.

Haha. Can you believe I just sent that to a Chemi teacher? I can. But this is me we're talking about, so yeah... Haha. She's great. She shares my birthday. o_o. I find that cool and amazing. I don't come across if often. She doesn't either, apparently, since back in February when she found out we do she got really excited and happy/joyful/yay!.

Sleep now.

For the record, I hope no tests, quizzes, or labs eat any of you, either.

Keep a fly swatter handy.