April 26th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Day of Silence!

So today was the Day of Silence. It was EXCELLENT! I got quite a few people to wear the ribbons and carry the message on the bus, and then I got Mrs. Frasier not only to do it, but help pass them out to other teachers. She also gave me safety pins to use to attach them instead of tape. I got Mrs. Brown to put one up on her board, and Mrs... I'm not sure, but she subs math, and we've had her for Mrs. Brown. Oh! Mrs. White. (Haha). I gave Kelly, a freshman, extra to hand out.

We had a discussion about it in Hers, and it went really well. Took a quiz, and I think I aced it. Huck Finn test tomorrow, which means I have to read from 19 to the end, or as far as I can and then spark notes it... I don't think I'll have a problem, though, because of the study guides he has us do and since he gives us the answers. The vocab I never have much trouble with, once I read through them once.

Freshmen I don't even know came up to me and asked for ribbons! Not only that, ones that I had judged harshly did, as well. I feel guilty that I judged them so quickly; that was really cool of them! Fia came up and hung out with me. I really like her. Then we ranted about how hard long hair is to live with; she has long hair, and wants to chop it off. It's pretty but I think she should do whatever will make her happy. :P. She'll look great, either way.

She said she likes my boobs. Haha. And that she's one of the only gay freshmen. I've heard she's bisexual, but -shrugs- whatever. She is what she is, and if that includes liking girls in whatever amount of ways, then so be it. I know Kelly's gay, she told me.

Chemistry was great. Quiz tomorrow. I think I'll do well. I was prancing about. Oh! At one point Kleppy was walking by, so I did that fake punch-her-in-the-gut thing. I knew Makuchan was somewhere in front of me, and I saw a dark-colored sweatshirt walking by... and did the same thing. When I heard a sound that would never come from Makuchan, I looked up and saw Kristina, one of the more popular girls. I apologized, laughing, and said I'd thought it was Makuchan. She said she'd assumed I thought she was someone else. :P. It was funny, and I don't think she's holding it against me. I borrowed out the One Teacher in 10 book to Mrs. Cavanagh, and she thanked me.

Algebra was pretty spiffy! We did have to take a practice MCAS test that Mrs. Brown counted as a quiz. I think most people did pretty badly. For once, I did well! I did pull a stupid move on the last one and got an 89 (9 question quiz), but that's actually the top grade anyone got. I don't know who else got an 89, but I know no one got 100s. She told us. Mrs. Steele came in with a rainbow clown wig and a clown nose. Danielle pointed out she was wearing the nose upside down, and Mrs. Steele exclaimed, "Oh! So THAT'S why I can't breathe!" and turned the nose around. "Ah, nostrils on the bottom! How cool!"

We were all laughing when she left, after talking about a "Clown Day" memo and Mrs. Brown asking who sent it out. ("I did!" Brown: "Oh, of course. Why did I even bother asking?") Haha. They're so funny together! It's great.

I was happy when I left school, and hung with Andi and Laura on the bus. That was yay-y. Teehee.

Hung out with Mum in the car for a long while looking over mail, the stupid furniture in Jordan Furniture's new magazine, and talking about Florida and Alligator Valley when we found a pamphlet about going to Florida. It was fun.

Came up, went online, then filled the dishwasher when Mum asked.

Oh, before that I got an email from Mrs. Cavanagh again. I love it, just as much as I used to love getting emails from Mrs. Osborne. Only Mrs. Cavanagh checks and replies to her emails on a daily basis, so it's super spiffy. Teehee.

So, WEEE! I'm in wicked high spirits and I'm hyperlly exhausted. Byebye!
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