April 24th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Today was nice. I got to see my friends and teachers. <3. Makuchan came running up and demanded that I smell Kevin's shirt, which she was wearing. I cringed and grumbled, "It smells like man..." but it apparently came out deeper than I had intended, because Kleppy through a jest my way and mocked it. :P. She's just jealous. Of what, I'm not sure. But if everyone else can blame stuff on jealousy, I can too.

Mertz called me Rainbow Brite because I wore a rainbow tie for a belt, had two rainbow armbands on my two separate arms, and a rainbow ring around my neck. Abby, Daniel, and I rushed to tell him that this was a very small amount of rainbow to wear, but I still think he's convinced I'm a colorful cartoon character.

Lisa reminded me that I accidentally stole said rainbow ring, and now I remember. I'd forgotten before. We were at a store, probably Hot Topic, and I was browsing. I checked out the ring and thought I put it back. After purchasing some stuff and leaving, I found the ring in my bag. o-o. I told her I must have accidentally dropped it in, and she said she hadn't even seen me. So we were awed by my ability at shoplifting. I'm so good *I* don't even know I'm doing it!

Mrs. Cavanagh emailed me twice. Once from school telling me she'd been waiting all vacation for my email (-sweatdrop- ehhehheh) and that she was glad I was seeing a therapist, doing well, and ultimately glad I emailed her. She told me she'd respond with how her vacation went when she got home. She did, and I loved the email.

A bit of it: Do you realize I have no idea what is wrong with your
hip(s)? It doesn't matter. I know you have pain. I know
you deal with it as best you can. I am so relieved to hear
you work with a therapist you like. They are such good
listeners and reflect back what we say to them. We may not
always want to hear it, but growing does come with pain.
I'm very glad you chose to write.

Mrs. Cav

I didn't really talk to Mrs. Brown much, and MCAS was depressing me so I sort of acted put down and pathetic. Wouldn't meet her eyes, talked quietly, and wasn't sure of myself at all. So she probably thinks I'm not doing very well. I'll have to talk to her tomorrow, so she knows I'm doing quite well. ^^.

We missed my doctor's appointment (duh! Mum scheduled it KNOWING we'd be 10-15 minutes late) so we were rescheduled for an hour and a half later. We went, I answered the easy thing, got in the uncomfortable paper dress (I think they're getting more and more uncomfortable), and was prodded and felt up by a doctor. Not really, I know. :P. I laughed when she had to prod at my boobs, though. I couldn't help it!

Tomorrow morning I have to go to Children's to meet with the doctor I had when I originally fractured my hip. Ohhh, fun. I hope I miss double forestry. I hate not being able to do anything.

All right. Off I go to pee, do something with words or pictures, and glance at the TV every few minutes. -Waves.-