April 23rd, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


My lip is almost completely back to the normal size! And -gasp- I have SKIN under my nose! Like, real skin! w00t. I'd forgotten. :P. I'll be glad to have my lips back, since I really like them. I mean, I like them full and colorful... but I don't want them SWOLLEN and RED. I'll enjoy having my full, pink lips back. =3. Yay!

Merf's computer apparently went wacky, and she lost some of her work. I've got the sketch done for her other project (the one I'm doing) in my sketchbook, so I have to transfer it to the oaktag and work on it there.

I've got a list of drawings to do, and I'm pleased about that. I also made two requests for Earth Day (yesterday). One to Brittles, since she loves drawing anime now and it'll a.) work as practice b.) have to do with nature <3 and c.) will make me happy! She was happy to do one, and she requested a picture of me, as well, so I'll do that along with an Earth Day pic for her.

The other was Fae, and I requested a painting because I don't know many painters and she's AWESOME. So I'm really looking forward to that. <3. I know she'll make it creative and artsy. =3.

I got back on -Cranky Crocus- on gaia, and hopefully I'll write that on-going story/role play with all of my avis plus my friends'. When I do, Cro will be Kyo's little sister that gets all the hand-me-downs and is whiney but witty with her complaints. She'll be fun. The baby of the family. I really want to start writing that, but I've got a few things to write first.

Eeeeei! Tomorrow I have school!! I get to see my teachers, and my friends, and do WORK! =3!!! I can't wait. I'm going to e-mail Mrs. Cavanagh, since she said I could. Teehee. -Happy.- schoolschoolschool.

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