April 10th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Mmm. Today was good.

I got off the bus and asked if Mrs. Cavanagh if she had had the weekend she had told me she would. (I had asked her, upon leaving, if she would have a good weekend. She said, "Yes, and you?" I replied, "Oh..yes, uh, yes, I'll have a good weekend." She smiled in this strange melancholy but pleased way and inquired, "But are we both lying?" I said we probably were, she agreed, and we laughed.) She told me she had had a great weekend and that she'd bought a book and read it. The consequence of that was that two of my class's labs weren't graded. I smiled. When asked if I had a good weekend, I said yes and that I'd got two books, as well. We talked for that for a while.

... I slapped Kory. It was all play, though. It was a true play bitchslap, haha. It apparently made Kleppy and Makuchan's day. We were talking about being "extraordinarily gay" and Kory said if Makuchan and Kleppy went out and slept with a random girl they'd get to be "extraordinarily gay", too. So I got play miffed and told him that made our job look too easy and slapped him.

It was fun.

Let's see... talked to Watson, going to Plant Guide's meeting tomorrow period one. Must remember. Missed at guidance appointment, and surprisingly don't care. I wasn't even told what it was aboutpass. If I don't have the means to go there and don't know what I would be going there FOR, screw it. Really. Don't even bother.

Brought up LGBTQ issues during Hers, 'course. As far as movies go in the academy award area. Brokeback mountain was discussed, though I haven't seen it. I'm letting Steele borrow 1 Teacher in 10 tomorrow, and I'll leave a note for her in it thanking her for being so accepting and other things that will make her feel good and special. I like doing that.

Dufault suggested me to look into one of his favorite authors. He said the author's work required a, "sick sense of humor" and directly following that, "you'd love it". =P. I love Dufault. I'll look into it. Lunch was fun. Married Andi, officially. (Meaning she asked, "Can I be your wife, too?" and I screamed back "Yes!" and then we were married and threw an arm around each other for a second. There. Marriage. Done.) Had ice put down my shirt. Put ice down Robbie's shirt. R. probably doesn't like me. Intellectual talking fruit cares not, and found it funny to see him squirming. Oh well. He's Kleppy's boycrush, not mine.

Thought about girlcrush a lot. 'Twas fun. Had algebra; worked on MCAS. Had chem--got 85 on lab for (stupidly) not doing my observations and conclusions on a separate piece of paper like it said to on the lab. Lost 10 points for that, and 5 for not getting one equation right. I started a new journal entry about that. (I started a new journal the other day; one revolving more completely about my imagination and letting it run free as far as perception goes.) Kleppy and Makuchan like it.

Smiled on bus ride home. Did homework. Talked to Brittles and some of her friends online; it was strange and dramatic. Reminded me of Furry Forum dramatic-crud and I got miffed. Oh well. At least for once I told the person I thought she was just being dramatic and drawing conclusions with no supporting evidence, and she recognised that maybe she was.

Read Hooch/McGonagall fanfic. Got hot and bothered. Oh well. Can't wait until Sunday. Have senior youth. ... with Gar. Yay!

Showered and now I'm off to finish the journal entry, read a bit, write the note, and maybe work on other stuff. Byebye.