April 9th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

So. Entry. This is an entry.

-Slaps el-jay with a metal pointy stick.- Update time, methinks.

So yesterday was Saturday. I went to Laura's Easter egg hunt party. Da called to tell me he found my iPod in the van. He started the message with, "Hello, this is your fatha speaking" in a strange mutant Asian accent. He's British. It was rather hilarious, so I passed it around the room and we spent some of the time laughing at my father's ridiculous accent (because it was funny).

Matty P. and I finally clicked, and he's one wickedly spiff being. I ripped out my sketch book so he helped me figure out colors for my new story characters, and the colors are actually COORDINATED. I was in shock. I was late, so I didn't actual participate in the hunt. That's perfectly fine by me. I was there the day before, and got to help fill the eggs/eat all the candy I wanted to.

!!! Matty P. likes my screen name! I wanted to check my away message since I had picked it randomly before leaving, so I went over and checked it. He liked that it was Panic! At the Disco, and that it was the lyric about the weather being sarcastic with a good chance of indifference or disinterest in what the critic's say. Haha. <3. Then he went and saw my screen name (Cranky Crocus) and went on about how beautiful and great it was. I was preening, honestly. Usually people are just like, "Oh. That's uh... cool" which translates to: "Why the hell doesn't that have any numbers?" Okay, not really, but whatever. NOT IMPORTANT. IMPORTANT = Someone got/liked my screen name.

Then we all "decorated" eggs in the living room. AKA I grabbed a nice green plastic egg, a sticker of some hair and a mouth, and stuck it on an egg. I grabbed eyes but I didn't like the eyes when I put them on my egg so I put them on my nose instead. I thought it looked better. (Matty P. thought it should have some sort of eyewear, so he put on sunglasses. Even though it/she didn't have eyes.)

Then I ripped out the sketchpad again and took off my bandana (I was wearing it as a bracelet). I tied it around my eyes/head. Why? Hell if I know. Matty P., amazed (and while complimenting me on how cool I am), had me do a drawing exercise. I had to draw what was in my head. It turned out a weird design and then a tree. He had me put my name in it. I did "Kiwi" in script. I liked it. When he did the blindfold exercise, his was all organized and a magnifying glass. It was really cool. I still liked mine, though, even as it was a jumbled bunch--not simply because I couldn't see, either. That's just what was in my head.

He then drew me a wicked awesome tree. <3. I drool every time I see it, because it is one nifty tree. Times a lot.

Oh. He also said I was super cool because I wore a shoelace around my neck and had rock star hair. And he liked that I was the only one in the house/at the party that didn't mind when he and Andi made out. He thought it honorable that I wasn't afraid to be in a room alone with them (haha). We talked about our hair, which is similar, a lot. I wore it all straightened in front of my face and with a mullet instead of two pigtails. I think I like it better like this, for a while.

He also had me try to write "whore" in script and then try to make it look beautiful/not "bad". He tried to help me spell it but said, "Remember, it starts with an 'h'." I finished writing it, looked up, and said, "Oh really? And to think I was sure it started with a 'w'... -smirk.-" We laughed. I couldn't do the exercise then. Da came and picked me up, so I went home. It was a very preen-y day.

At night I drew another object from my head, and it came out some strange wheel structure. I then started drawing a tree, since they pop into my head a lot. I like the drawing. I fell asleep with it. Today, Mum woke me up and brought me to church. Three people did credos. They were AMAZING. I liked them a lot.

I managed to do the "whore" exercise, and I like it too. I stayed for a Forum on "Raising Cain" after church and it was really interesting. The movie got to me a lot. I want to get it and watch the whole thing through, instead of in segments. It was fun hanging out with Gar. Not so fun in that I think I might be getting a crush. She's what, 15? That's not too bad, I guess, besides that I don't have a chance. Not fun. She's fun, though, so it's all right. It wasn't so bad when I had a crush on Madi and didn't have a chance. Come to think of it, it didn't really affect much at all... Maybe it isn't so bad.

Da brought me along to Home Depot and then to the bookstore. When I asked what we were there for, as we had had a reason to be at the other store, he said, "Just for fun." Ahaha. I love Da. We stared at the journals and I really wanted one. Just realised I forgot to grab it. Maybe next time. IT was all cool and Eastern with a strange/sweet way to get into it and no lines but really nice paper. -Drools.-

I got two books, pretty expensive. I'm going to pay Da back.

I got Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality, which is 402 pages and it's a pretty tall/wide book. Not light reading, but I think it'll be fun. Da was surprised I got it, but then I reminded him that I'm his daughter and he read The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire (I always want to add "Again and Again"). He laughed and understood then, and said, "I know I'm the last person to question it..."

I also got One Teacher in 10 Second Edition even though I don't have the first. When Da asked about that one, I brought up that in most, or at least a lot, of my stories I have a gay or lesbian teacher. Plus it fascinates me in the way that teachers do. It's a nice light read. I like the cover, which has 9 red apples and then one green one up closer to the reader. It's fun.

I got home, practiced tuning the guitar, and popped onto here. I know this is a very long entry. If you read it, do you think you could leave a comment? It doesn't have to go back to the entry; it could just be an "x". It would just mean a lot. Thanks. =].

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Oh. I'm also in love with a pineapple.

True, true. I, Kiwi, am in love with a pineapple.

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That's right. Fruity love.

I also updated my iTunes and iPod. That makes me happy. Dede is happy. Oh. And I changed my el-jay icons. I heart them. We are one big, happy family (pineapple included).

Someone help me name my pinapple lover? She says her Mum didn't give her a name. (I know, tragic.)

Oh. Mrs. Steele gave me a banana. I don't love him like I do my pineapple. He's a pretty cool guy, though.

My potato's doing well. Won't leave the windowsill, though. I think she's depressed. Not about the pineapple, just in general. Probably because I won't turn her into a bonsai potato, since I like her the way she is.

Ah, life with planty foods.

Edited to Add (because I'm too cool for acronyms): I just discovered the Arctic Monkeys, thanks to Amy. I now like them a LOT. Even though Kleppy doesn't. Pffft. I like.

And I just changed my layout. Not very different, but somewhat.
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Why did it take me a whole day to realise I have a new TV?

I got up to go put chicken in the oven and pass my dresser. Then "WOOSH" new TV. I mean, it's been there since around church time, but I didn't know that until now... It's all big, and my dresser is cleared off, and -shock.-

So I turn it on (eventually) ... pfft. Digression: It's funny that I have to turn on a TV. Like... snogging TV. Static elecrticity. -Giggle.-

Right. After I try pressing a few buttons I finally think to hit the "On/Off" button and turn it on. WOAH. MONKEYS ON TV. <3. Kiwi keeps it turned on (no orgasm for j00, new TV! I'm checking your stamina, cha!) and gets to hear about animals.

And... she GETS TO HERE SPICE GIRLS. Because she's a nut. They make me want to dance.
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