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Kiwi Crocus
02 April 2006 @ 10:31 pm
I love church days. So much. They're like, my busy days. I know that's contra-religion, but whatever. I'm not in this in the name of religion or God; I'm in this in the name of Kiwi and to be spiritual and part of a loving community that lets me shine as an individual. So yes, screw lazing around on Sunday. I don't know many people that do it nowadays, anyway.

Woke up early...ish. After around 7 snooze button hits. Printed out my credo and wrote down a few notes. Woke up Mum, went to church.

I PARTICIPATED. It amazed me. I sang with all my heart and then I actually replied in the responsive reading thing. Then it was time for my credo, after Matt's. So I blew off the notes after I had already said I'd blow off my written credo, and talked from the heart. I spoke about how participating had blown my mind completely and how I felt like I was at the top of the world. I brought up how I had a credo in front of me but wouldn't use it, and how nervous I was but glad to be up there. I talked about how it was one of the most spiritual moments I'd had in a long time.

Gail said I was eloquent with my words and that I was very courageous. I think I might have preened a bit, but I also think I deserve to. Because I was really, really scared to be up there, but I did it anyway and enjoyed it. I don't know about the eloquent with words... I kept forgetting the words for the worship and responsive reading. But I guess that's not really what eloquence is.

Carol was all happy and hugged me, again. Lots of hugs from Carol! <3. My minister is so great.

We talked about what we'll do next in Senior Youth and about the next service, and that was fun. Next I was back in the Sanctuary. We watched Reverend Billy Bob (Alex's Da) go up and spoof to get us to pledge money for the canvas thing. Then it was forum time, and I stayed and watched two sections of a "Unitarian Universalism in America" or something like that and discussed it. 'Twas fun, and Carol was there too. I was with Ilana (Pash) and Margaret (Gar). They call me "Kwii" from time to time, as it's my typo.

I decided to stay for the LiveArts show, which was a famous cellist (?). So Mum gave me some money and I ended up going over to Pash's house. We took out the instruments for a while, since I glimpsed the flute in her closet. She took out the recorder, too. I still know some of the tune from "Ancient Voices" and my B flat and E scales on the flute. She laughed into a recorder on my request. 'Twas humorous. :P.

We went on the computer and I convinced her to make a livejournal entry. She made it about me. I felt special. She told me to make a happy post. I'm making it. (Read it, Pashypashy!! COMMENT! <3.) Then we went outside and watch a goose attempt to ditch a feather that WOULDN'T COME OFF. She told me about George, the seagull that visits from time to time. He visited. There was much rejoicing. We complained about the stupidity of humanity for cutting down old trees when they can't get core samples, and I told her about the Methuselah tree.

Then it was time to go, and we were at the LiveArts show. The first set went by in what we swear to be 5 minutes. In actuality, it was around a half an hour. We were in much shock. I did a lot of visualizing, and it was lots and lots of fun. I liked it.

After that we walked around the pond out back and climbed/hugged/honored trees. We laughed about how people threw their trash in the woods, but for me it was bitterer about them being stupid enough to go and do that. She didn't like it, either. She almost took what we think to be a piece of a blender home, but it rusted on her. When we got back in the parking lot Dan was there playing obnoxiously loud rap music and my body betrayed me and started dancing. So Pash and I were dancing in the parking lot when Christine showed up, and she started laughing in her car.

Somehow I said about rap music on the way in when Christine could hear, "Like the rap dancers! They're all dancing and say, 'hey, let's add sex and it'll be great!'" so she says, "What, dancing with sex?" and there was much laughing. Then there was more laughing, when I went into a random outburst when everyone was there. No one understood why I was laughing, including myself, so she said, "What, laughing about dancing with sex?" and I promptly fell out of my chair and started rolling on the floor laughing.

When I was through and had that fun 'I-just-laughed-a-ton' ache in my belly, which I love, I told Pash I had been right when I had said before that I needed to go outside and explode in laughter. I just didn't do it inside. I did it in the middle of Senior Youth.

It was really fun. Christine pestered Christa about membership and missing my credo because she had been avoiding the pledging and signing the book, and Christa complained in good humor about members only being chased down and getting an asterisk next to their name in the directory. I found it all vastly entertaining, and I think it's fine that she missed my credo. It was fun, but it's not like she missed some great spiritual revelation of the Kiwi. I just told it to her, haha.

Mum forgot about me, so I called her and she came and picked me up.

So it was another complete church day, and I loved it. Gar is the Fiddler in Fiddler on the Roof at the end of April, so Pash is going to start out a day ahead, carrying me, and walk to Gar's performance. Hark hark. And our Senior Youth might host the Youth hangout during the Balue (sp) Channing District get together. It could be quite fun, with possible Apples to Apples. Poosh!

-More happy sounds.-

Today was a GOOD DAY. Now it's time for homework!

But I have a study tomorrow, so if I crash during my homework and keep hitting snooze tomorrow morning it's all right.

I smiled and laughed all day long. It was wicked fun.
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