March 23rd, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

New cane, great friends, and a stupidannoyingmean brain.

So I've had a pretty horrible day, but I, er, liked it? Because people cared and made me feel happy. (zOMG NAME DROP! Elena, Kat, Helst, Lisa, Shoe, and Beans. Thank yoouuu!)

I stayed home from school today. =/. Turned out the Runt/brother ended up staying home, too. I hadn't known. I thought he'd gone in. Andi went in, but now she's feeling even worse than I am. So those paired along with Elena's reassurance, I've come to the conclusing that staying home was a good idea. Especially since I only missed a short day.

I spent most of the day reading the same Harry Potter fanfic. It's an AU, and basically a novel to go along with each Harry Potter novel. It's all dark and fun. I'm on the third one.

My head is being all dizzy and annoying. Whenever I think happy thoughts it gets all mad at me and makes the room spin or my eyes pained. Only during happy thoughts, though. That's annoying. Bloody brain.

I GOT A WALKING STICK/CANE ON EBAY! -Happiness despite now spinny room/owwy eyes.-

Drool over it, please!

I'm too lazy to make it all HTML-ified. Please forgive me, I'm dizzy. :p. </excuse>.

I've got to do homework at some point. I think they'll all be insane answers that I'll read and laugh tomorrow. Haha. Oww spinny room. =/.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

My teachers are WONDERFUL.

Mum came back from the teachers' meeting thing with almost all good news.

The bad news is that I have a 50 in homework in Chem. I'd love to say I don't know how, but I do. I didn't do/pass in homework. I will not allow it to continue.

The rest was good news. Well, good talking, anyway.

Cuoulette -- She talked about how we speak of hips together, and that she got her "shot" to dull the pain.

Dufault -- Said I have a straight A average. 1 missing homework. Great student, and very sharp. He's relieved that I always get his jokes, especially since I'm so often the only one that gets them. :p. I know how horrible it is to tell a joke and have no one get it/laugh. Mum loves Dufault; she says he's her favorite. Oh, he also said that I have excellent friends, and that Lindsay and Dana are great. That definitely stabbed at a bit of a blind spot... I really needed to have someone ELSE say that to me. It clicked, and a lot. I'm thankful.

Brown -- Mum was afraid of her, at first. Mrs. Brown was being very intimidating and harsh to the other parents. Mum was very nervous. When Mum got up and said, meekly, that she was Nicole Stalley's mother, Mrs. Brown lit up. =]. She said she loves me. That makes me so happy, as I apparently make Mrs. Brown. She said she looks forward to seeing me every day, and that I brighten her day. -Shines and preens.- I have a B+/A- average and she's dropping my lowest test grade, a 67, as she always does. That should rocket me up to a good A, if I continue to do well. I certainly hope to.

Steele -- She grinned and said, "She just needs to work on her writing, arguing, and critical thinking." Mum said it was followed by a friendly cackle. =3. Ah, Mrs. Steele.

Mertz -- He adores me. He says that I'm intellectual and have a great work ethnic. He also brought up that I like Kate Watson, and that she likes me back, and that usually amounts to someone having a great worth ethnic--Watson loves the trait, and looks for it. He says I'm a great conversationalist. -Shines and preens more.- I apparently surprised him. When he "met" me in 9th grade (though I don't remember meeting him), he thought I would be one angry kid to have the next year. He now knows that I'm not, usually. :P. He said it's kind of a, "The other side of the wall" experience.

McGrath -- Mum didn't like him much. She didn't stick around him. He said my alcoholedu project is due April 7th, though I already did it and got a 90%. He hasn't checked since Monday. Not smart, considering that he had meetings with the parents today. Oh well. I got an A on the test online, so I have an A in his class.

Cavanagh -- I have a B+ in her class since I have an F in homework. 50% missing. She expressed her concern over this, and said it was very unlike me. It is. Again, it won't continue. She said I'm a nice kid, and that I care. She likes that I have manners and thank her for talking. That made me smile. I like it when my manners are appreciated. I try to keep them intact.

Brodeur and Lee weren't there. A pity, as Mum's never met them before.

In conclusion, I love the Aggie teachers. I love the Aggie school. -Very pleased.- Parent-teacher nights are always such a confidence boost! Just what I needed after a day home sick. Squee!

I'm off to finish up my work.

I think I'll ask Mum to write down her chocolate chip cookie recipe, and where all the ingrediants are. I had the strongest urge to make cookies all day. She'll understand; it's her way of dealing with stress, making chocolate chip cookies. She was a bit sad that my teacher's didn't recognise her as my mother since she looks so different; I think it'll help her to know that I've now developed her strategy of dealing with things under the rainbows-and-butterflies standard.

-Trots off, though still slightly dizzy, though it went away a fair bit after having a shower.-