March 13th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I haven't done one of these in a while.

|+| I wore amethyst eyeliner today.
|+| People liked it.
|-| Makuchan's face was in pain.
|-| Her face was really swolen, and she told me she thought she looked like a chipmunk.
|-| She gave me permission to agree and laugh.
|+| She agrees that I'd make a good ocelot.
|+| Kleppy agrees that she (Kleppy) would make a good raccoon, and was very pleased with my suggestion.
|+/-| I pruned a few apple trees.
|+| Morgan complimented the way I looked today.
|+| I liked the way I looked today.
|-| I was inconsiderate and rude to Craig, and owe him an apology.
|-/+| I'll be giving that apology tomorrow during forestry.
|-| It made me remember Lex's comment. I got upset.
|+| Mrs. Steele comforted me.
|-/+| I'm 10 out of 129 (or 139?) for class rank, even if it is only up to last semester's vocational classes and not this year's academics.
|-/+| I want to get that up.
|+| I'm not procrastinating. I've finished my homework, studied, and planned.
|+| That makes me happy. (I'm sure you couldn't guess, from the plus).
|-| Sharon is going in for a huge procedure. It's really, really serious. A lot of 50%s.
|+| I called Lisa to offer support and send my love. I'll be sending them both good thoughts all week and beyond, and will call Lisa Wednesday night around dinnertime to ask how it went.
|+/-| I complicated my English homework by writing a long story for the vocabulary words and not just a sentence for each of the 8 odd words. It's a fanfic, again. Haha.
|+| I actually like it. I'll show Makuchan tomorrow.
|...| I just wrote my livejournal like an outline.
|o-o| I am so not nerdy at all... (And I so don't love it. :P. Pssht. <3.)

There's more, but I don't need to add it.
So that was my day, indeed indeed.
I'm going to sleep at 10. Yay for a sufficient amount of sleep, for once! I like this non-procrastination thing. I knew I used to do it for a reason.

EDIT: I forgot that livejournal doesn't put in the spaces at the beginning. Oh well. It's still in outline form here. Haha.
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