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Kiwi Crocus
The sky smells like water and the air tastes like steel.
If you were a storm, this is how you would feel.
Still and dark all night, with great flashes of light.

Just some lyrics appreciation. I like the imagery that comes with that. It makes me happy to look out the window and see it raining slightly.

<3. ♥. <3.
<3. ♥. <3.

(Yes, I AM a kook, and I say it with PRIDE.)

I am loving Girlyman right now. Singing. YAY SINGING.

... -Had a coffee-like-substance.-

OHOHOH! I had strawberry cream cheese today! Except for that it was on a bagel, and that's remarkably normal for me.

Yesterday I went to the mall. Hot Topic is currently missing from Emerald Square. It will be back later. That made me sad. I didn't get to see the lovely emos and goths and fun people. Yes, that was stereotypical of me. Poosh. Dun care. If they put me as, "that crazy lesbian chick" I'll just grin and show my teeth. No problem.

So anyway, I couldn't get my black gloves. That made me sad. So we went to Spencers. I got a pentacle bracelet with a chain that connects to a pentacle ring. I've always wanted one. Not with a pentacle, but I really like them, so I got it. ... I've been learning that I really, really like pentacles. Not because of religious aspects or anything, they just catch my eye.

I also got a pentacle necklace that has a wizard above it and blue gmstones at the tip of each point of the star. Also a rainbow keychain that I'm wearing as a bracelet, rainbow butterfly hairpins, a cool rainbow hair clippy thing, and a rainbow tie.

In conclusion, Kiwi likes pentacles and rainbows. Anyone surprised? -Looks around.- Anyone?

Merf slepped over last night. 'Twas fun. We watched Rent. I cried. Triumph! I am not heartless.
I kept getting pissed off when parts I knew were usually in song weren't, though. Merf was flabbergasted. She said, 'I thought you hadn't seen it before!' I said I hadn't, but that my friends were faithful Rentheads. I knew most of the songs simply because I've listened to them so often with so many friends.

This morning I had a Senior Youth Service meeting. We had food. They liked what I wrote. I'm going to say it infront of the congregation. Poosh! =D. Happyhappy.

Then we had Coming of Age. It was all spiritual. I laughed a lot. And danced. And was generally a jolly queer duck. 'Twas more fun. I got the first paragraph of my Credo done, but I'll be surprised if it stays that way. 'Tis another thing I shall say before the congregation. =]. This all makes me very happy, though slightly worried.

That brings us back up to now. I'm listening to Girlyman and continuing to be one contented crow.


Hello everyone!
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Current Music: Young James Dean || Girlyman.
Kiwi Crocus
12 March 2006 @ 04:20 pm
Kiwi is still very happy.

Mum came in and asked if I wanted anything at CVS. I said eyeliner, because I miss having some. It can be fun. We had a bit of a conversation about that, and she agreed to get me some.

I heard music and went to Da's room. He had his iPod plugged into a speaker and was listening to it like a giddy child. I smiled. Mum and I had a fake and very angsty, humorous screaming match ending with, 'Leave me alone!' and a reply of, 'Fine, I'm leaving!' with a pout.

Kiwi then went into the bathroom and stepped in a puddle. She was very pleased and hopped. She then thought about what a puddle in the bathroom could point to, and laughed.

Kiwi is still not talking to her brother, the prat that still doesn't realise why I'm angry with him, though I specifically told him over and over and over again. He's a dimwit. Ugh.

But alas, Kiwi is still very, very happy!

... and pleased to be typing an entry in third person. Poosh! ^-^!

Off to continue reading Harry Potter fanfic and listening to music.
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Current Music: The Killing Moon.
Kiwi Crocus
12 March 2006 @ 06:16 pm
So I was walking in from taking the dogs out (and twirling a big stick around because it made me happy) and Mum's on the phone. Normal enough. She then signals frantically at the laptop for me to get on. It's Britt, and she's typed, "i love gina". Some people might have taken that as loving a girl named Gina. Knowing her and her stand on homosexuality, I guessed not. I guessed some sort of hurtful joke. It was.

Here's the conversation. And this is the part that worries Mum: it was sent to GerriSt, my MUM's AOL account. As in, Britt had all intentions of having this conversation with Mum. As far as Britt knows, I think she thinks she did have the conversation with Mum.

SoftBChick**: i love gina
SoftBChick**: i love gina
SoftBChick**: vagina
GerriSt: Excuse me?
SoftBChick**: ginas
GerriSt: Is this some sort of jest? Are you mocking me?
SoftBChick**: yes
GerriSt: Why would you do something like that?
SoftBChick**: idk
GerriSt: Do you spite me? Do you have something against me?
SoftBChick**: maybe
GerriSt: Then I suppose we've reached an impasse. Might you know who you're speaking with?
SoftBChick**: nope
GerriSt: Then why did you IM me with such intentions, with no knowledge of who you were about to contact?
SoftBChick**: idk
GerriSt: Well, enjoy your random bouts of IMing, then.
SoftBChick**: k
SoftBChick** signed off at 5:34 P.M.

I'm not really surprised, though. I'm a bit stung, but it's nothing I'm not used to now. Besides, she'd already told me of her disaproval. As Mum says, Barbara (Britt's mother) always goes on about how she's the 'country bumpkin' relative of the family.

-Shrug.- Mum's hurt that it was sent to her, though. Britt was very inappropriate, and worst of all it was sent to an adult.

I'm still feeling pretty happy. I was hurt for a while, and there's still some hurt, but I'm not going to let someone like her bring me down. Not when I'm not ashamed of who I am. If I were, I would be crushed. If she doesn't like me for any reason, it isn't my problem.

I've been compassionate and kind to her for as long as I've known her. If this is how she repays me, so be it. She shan't receive the feelings she went after. Yes. I'm hurt. I'm not ashamed. I'm not mortified. I'm disappointed.
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