March 9th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Doom, it's the gay tree!

Helst **: is it Gay pride season already?!?

Auto response from Cranky Crocus: Yesssss! I have my pride flag! I was all cool about it, too. I decided not to put up all corners, and since my wall slants I pinned the top to corners above the outside edge of my bed so the flag hangs down. Not far, mayhap three feet, and it doesn't exactly create a cove or anything, but it's NIFTY. <3.

I brought up lots of my random rainbow stuff from downstairs.

Grammie asked me what the armbands were for...

I think I need to restock. It's beginning to sound a lot like Gay Pride!

Helst **: I haven't gotten the gay tree out yet!
Helst **: And think of the presents I have to get!

Haha. He's great. =P.

So yes, I'm cleaning my room. Organising, as well, and decorating. I've got to figure out a way to get my cards/pictures up on my wall without many holes and few holes. Ah. Idea. Giant pieces of sketchpad underneath them. Sweet.

EDIT - That REALLY makes me want to get a rainbow lighty tree, or just a random tree in general. And then I could send out rainbow stuff to people. Bracelets and stuff. It'd be wicked fun.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I uploaded a piece I just wrote for Senior Youth up on smart_ash. I don't know how the others will like it, or if it will end up in the service. That would mean me going up and speaking at the pulpit (is that what they call it?). That scares me, but I know I could do it. I'd be fine as long as I didn't talk in a monotone voice, and I've gotten out of that when I'm speaking/reading, now.

Besides, with that piece, it'd be kind of hard to do. At least for me. It has to much emotion for me to let it stay monotone.

That means I just have looking at sleeping over in museums left for Senior Youth field trip; looking for recipes, looking for bowl donations, contacting Diane, getting credo stuff together, and finding the get-together dates for Coming of Age; and... I'm sure there's something else. Oh well. AH! Looking up Day of Silence and Youth Pride stuff for GSA, as well as offereing to help out with lock-in stuff.

There we go.

... add homework to that.

Because though I've cleaned my room, painted my nails, decorated a little, found new books to read, written a piece for SY, and found and read a little story snipet I wrote in ninth grade, I have not done my homework.

I have a study tomorrow morning. No big deal.
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