February 27th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

All right.So yes, interesting day.

I slept over at Quack's last night. That was lots of fun. We watched Hair (so sad). Church was all right. I'm excited for the senior youth service and all, but I felt really belittled. Unimportant. Those aren't exactly the greatest feelings to have.

I came home and did stuff (specific, no?). At one point I went down to ask for money from Da and Mum roped both of us into folding laundry. Da thought of the ingenious idea of attaching my balloon to the dogs' tail. It was HILARIOUS. They were chasing their tails and attacking the string. Haha. Then I attacked Da. He did the same thing as the dogs. o_o. Minus the tail.

Later on I heard Da talking in a funny voice downstairs so I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen to see Da talking towards the living room. I hobble over there. It's Lisa and Sharon!! So I squee and go poosh and such. They hand me prezzy. I loooove it! They gave me a card. zOMG. Hilarious.

It reads: "Violets are blue
Roses are pristine.
Only once in your life
You get to be sixteen.
Have a GREAT year,
Make sure you have FUN-ica.
Sit back, relax;
Enjoy Lesbian Erotica.

Love, Lisa & Sharon"

Then there's the stuff the card was made saying, but that's boring. I didn't even read that. Haha. Then I opened the present. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters! Hells yessss!!! Now I have all three! =]. I'm so happyyyy!

The card still smells like them too. They smell really, really good. Kind of like flowers and pot pouri. Or something. So yes, I'm good at FINDING scents, but naming them? Nuhuh. Not gonna happen. What I know is that they smell good. -Hugs card and book.-

I watched a movie with the fam. It was Zargod or something like that. An 80s British Sci-fi movie. Lots of breasts, as Da pointed out a lot. :P. It was really strange and interesting. Thus Kiwi loved it! I don't want to spoil it, so I won't say the rest. X=.

I made a wallpaper out of some scenes in the L Word, and I put episodes 1-4 of Season 3 on a DVD. I've watched 5. Yay. I also watched the first episode of Ah! My Goddess. I liked it. =D. I've missed anime.

At one point my computer went freaky. It kept opening internet explorer over and over again. I couldn't close out of them no matter how hard I tried. It stopped at ... 42. I did a face-fall and thought, "All right. So the meaning of life is in my internet explorer. That's fine and dandy, but would you PLEASE stop FLIPPING OUT?" It didn't. It went on to 46 around ten minutes later. I was finally able to exit out.

Then I took a nice, long, HOT shower. Excellent feeling. Came back and my moniter was flipping out. So I had this "God, are you mad at me for making a wallpaper of lesbian nuns?" moment. It was followed by, "Look, if you were going to make your presence known, couldn't you have done it in a nice way by say... not having me have gone through so much hip crap? That would have been very nice, thank you." But then I remembered that I don't believe in God, so I turned off the moniter and then turned it back on again. All better. No hitting hardware or anything.

Now it's 12:11 A.M. and I've still got homework to do. A lot of it can wait. I have a Dufault test "tomorrow". Which means I can get him to let me take it whenever I want, pretty much. But I'll probably end up taking it tomorrow. I did do my Algebra II homework, so that's all right. I've got to study for a health test. I don't know if I have health tomorrow. It would be useful to know what day it will be, to know if I have a study and health or not. Ah well. I should have asked before.

If I've offended any of you as far as religion goes, I'm sorry. It isn't my intention. Honestly? Those were my thoughts. I put them down in livejournal. So I'm sorry if I did offend any of you.

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