February 22nd, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Brothers are sometimes incredibly bad company.

But more importantly, I have a pearl necklace. A WHOLE pearl necklace. The one I've been waiting for since I was BORN. Every year Mum would show it to me (starting at year one) and then tell me how many years I would have to drool over it until I could actually have it. First it was ten years, and then it shortened to five, and then down to three. (Then it stopped, since she's not talking to Cathy.)

But today I got a package from Cathy, and it was THE PEARL NECKLACE. It's completely finished. For me. With all of the love of the Sacajaweas (spelled incorrectly) as well as Laura. So I'm ecstatic. It's really beautiful, and I love it.

I can't believe it's really mine. Mum's jealous. :P. Course, she was one of the ones that helped to set it up.

Brudda came home and kicked Kleppy off the computer. Then Caleb came and stayed in the computer room too while Kleppy picked up Empress of the World and read that. Then Mum got home and we tackled the food while the guys were on the computer.

I got some reading time for Fall on Your Knees in a few different rooms, and then headed over to the living room to catch Brudda playing video games. It then turned into playing DDR, which we just got. One pad. When one particular song was on, Kleppy said, "Oh, my uncle loves this song!"
Caleb: "He must be gay."
Kiwi: "For liking the song?" -Goes into long speech.- Finishes with: "The only thing that makes someone gay is liking those of the same gender."
Caleb: -Something that pointed towards me being the only one that thinks that.-
Kiwi: -Disagrees and asks Kleppy, after repeating the phrase (she hadn't paid attention).- She agrees.
Caleb: "Oh right. I forgot that you (Kiwi) are in the room."

So that pissed me off a lot. Somehow, I managed to forget that "gay" and "faggot", even "dyke" are used as insults to a lot of society. I've been spoiled in my small reality, where I've even gotten my brother to stop saying it around me. So ugh. That was a let down.

Made fun of Brudda for a while, was called "unnormal" a lot (to which I argued what is "normal" and then agreed that my habits aren't widely kept in the normality that they spoke of) and prodded at Caleb with a few words. Soon the boys said they were tired and hunkered off to bed. Kleppy and I came up to read, comp out, and mayhap sleep.

I think I'm going to give Caleb and Brudda the "Best Couple" award at my party, even though they have so many marital issues. =P.
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