February 21st, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


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Little brothers are funny sometimes. SOMETIMES.

I heard the phone ring, rolled my eyes (phones = not my thing), pick it up and say, "Hello may I ask who's calling please?" Some phony deep voice says: "You have just won a BMW. How do you feel?"
Me: ... "Okay, who is this really?"
Voice: "The BMW place! You've just won a BMW: how do you feel?"
Me: ... "Nothing, considering that I'm not legal and you've called the house owner's daughter."
Voice: ... "Oh. ... Can I speak with her?"
Me: "She's not here."
Voice: "... Oh. Can you have her call us?"
Me: "... Call who?"
Voice: "The... BMW Contest People. Bye!" -Hangs up immediately.-
Me: -Attempts to keep herself from laughing.- -Snorts.- -Laughs with all of her might.-

Five minutes later Brudda calls and tells me it was a prank call (no, really? Only thought that as soon as I heard the voice and what it was saying). He said he couldn't do it since I'd recognize his voice, so he had Justin do it.

Then there's some conversation Brudda says Justin wants to know if Kleppy is hott. ... Justin's, like, 13. Kleppy's almost 16. Sweet deal, ya? When I tell them 'how am I supposed to know?' Justin passes on, "Does she have nice boobs?" I almost face fall and then start laughing. I ask Kleppy if she has nice boobs.

She starts laughing and says, "Yes, I have nice boobs!!" I pass that on and Lex/Brudda repeats it. It was all quite humorous. Then he says that Karen's yelling at him and he has to get off the phone.


Funny stuff.

In other news, I cleaned my room and straightened my hair since I showered this morning. (I've been wearing it slicked back under a bandana for a while.) It's longer. I've got some funky curls, but they're better with the straightening. Squeesh. =].
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