February 9th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Another hour of sleep would have been nice.

I got up today, got ready, and went into my parents' room to ask why they weren't awake. They tell me I have a Doctor's appointment. Because it's Thursday.

Well, Kiwi (the very observant person she is) didn't know it was Thursday. So instead of taking an extra hour of sleep, she is currently awake...


It is in my state, after all. Lots of the sheroes people I've talked to are going, I believe. Beans and Elena? I'm not sure. But it'd be wicked spiff to go anyway.

I think I can fork over the $52, since I missed pre-registering.


Dr. Arrogant today. -Mummbledantisquee.-
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

I'm wearing a toilet!

I fixed my layout so it's at least bearable.

(More than that. Paine's certainly more than bearable.)

Da came in and called the doctor's-gown-things a "Johnny". That made me laugh. Reminds me of the loo.

Doctor: "Hello, Nicole. Did you find a gown?"
Kiwi: "Why yes, Dr. Scoff, I'll go put on my toilet now."
Doctor: "... all right. When you come back I'll poke and touch you inappropriately check out that hip of yours."
Kiwi: "Well, I'm excited. Time to put on my toilet."


... -Thinks of the pig.-
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Yum yum salt.


Reasonably bad news from Dr. Arrogant. Thinks my surgery won't last me 'til adulthood. Says Hip Fusion would be the next step. That would mean going in, scraping out all of my cartiledge, and fusing the bone to my pelvis. No femeral head movement. Gehhhh.

Cried a lot during school. Cried in front of teachers. Cried in front of agecritters at lunch. Funnn stuff. Actually, it wasn't a bad day all in all.

Had fun in Alge even though I got a 70 on the quiz. It's reasonably good in comparisson to the other scores. (Mrs. Brown: "There were as many F's as there were A's!") We all get to re-take it and keep the better score.

Chem test tomorrow. I think I understand everything.

Came home and napped. Woke up to something beeping. Tried to ignore it and failed. Got up and tried to turn on the light. No light followed. Tried again. Still no. Figured out the power was out as I couldn't hear the computer. Fumbled to desk, grabbed the beeping phone, tried to get it to shut up, and went down the hall to throw it on Mum's bed when I couldn't. Went back to sleep.

I woke up, went online a bit, started arranging Boskone stuff, promised to talk with Jean on the phone, and took a shower. Then I talked to Jean on the phone while doing homework (because I'm still a nerd). She's now sleeping. The last of the coffee is wearing off. I'll be able to sleep soon.

Today was still a pretty good day.

(I like black shirts.)
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