February 8th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

... tired and bleh on technology.


Fell asleep at the dentists'. Mum had trouble waking me up. She couldn't do it until she pushed a pillow up against me.

... Even then, I first put my head on it and said thank you. Haha. Don't remember that, since I was sleeping.

Came home and my layout was -poof-. Makes me sad.

Made a new, crappy one.

Mayhap I'll make a better one when I can't feel the presence of my eyelids.

(Is it natural for them to be this heavy?)

I want to do homework, write, and read. Yay.

And do Fae's letter.
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    Josie's House || Jupiter Sunrise.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


-Bounce bounce.-

I asked her out!

And she said yes!

No plans yet, but... she said yes, so now we can MAKE plans!



-Reads over.- Hahaha. "She" = Jean. (Who is ultimately cool.)
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    Fae in my ear!