February 5th, 2006

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I talked in forum talk yesterday. I'm not going to this time. How much I'll be able to say, I'm not sure. Especially since I've set a time limit.

Today was, to reiterate myself, amazing. The exercises to build expression and leadership as a preview of what will come in the Leadership and Self-Expression course was such a mind-opener. I'm signing up for the course in May even if I have to pay for myself.

The "Bonus Assignment" for today was to have a miracle happen to me.

This morning I had talked to Kleppy about how I'd been inauthentic with her. I was too critical and, "Nonono it's your fault." I apologized and promised to support her. I promised to have her back on becoming organized and understanding what's going on in school. She seemed really inspired by that and I really loved the conversation. The conversation following it was so much more free than it's been in a long time.

Come evening, after the course is out for the night, I have a message from her. I listen to it and -whoosh- I've hit my miracle. I don't even know how. Just listening to her talk and bring up in what ways she's going to become organized, even in just inviting me to help her out. She came up with options. "I don't work until 5 tomorrow, so don't hesitate to call ifyou go on break of anything. ... And oh, if you get out early tonight or anything, go ahead and call."

It feels so good. I'm on a high right now. Tomorrow I'm going to share, and not just because it's our assignment. I haven't truly shared yet. I've hogged myself and been all about me. Tomorrow I share myself.

It's still hard not to use forum-vocab.

Tuesday I'm encouraged, allowed, and asked to bring guests. On one level for business. On one level to aid in the transformation of my life (the people around me). On another level to aid in the transformation of THEIR life. A stone thrown into a pond. It's at 7:30 at the LandmarkEducation building in Quincy. For more information ask me, and if I can't answer I'll ask someone who can.

I'd like to talk to each and every one of you about it. About what the possibilities are for you through LandmarkEducation. It has has such a profound effect on me it's still somewhat hard to express.

Yes, this is a sales pitch. Not to help the business of LandmarkEducation. I'll admit it's partially to help me continue transforming my life. But it's also about helping you transform yours.

... I was so scared to type that up. I still have to hit the submit button.

Please, all I ask is that you talk to me personally before trying to flame me and the idea. I was skeptical about it before I started. I said no no no no, and then I came to a yes. I ended up at the LandmarkEducation for Teens because I chose to, and not because anyone else did. I have done so much for myself and for my life because of how inspired by the forum I was, and by what I learned. Please, talk to me. I have a lot to say, even if it takes me a while to find the words.

EDIT: I just wanted to add that I'm not trying to say that there's anything wrong with any of you. This isn't a "fix-it-up" program. It's not about merging a shattered glass or anything. In fact, even the strongrest, most "perfect" person you can think of would still get something from doing the curriculum. It is said that he or she would end up getting even more than would be expected. Then again, that seems to happen with just about anyone.

A man in my group had trouble listing 10 results that participating in the LandmarkEducation Forum helped him produce in his life. Over break we helped him a bit, but he did it mostly over lunch (the rest of us had finished during the session). When he came back the results he had written down were spectacular. The course leader was standing behind this man and making faces of, "And he thought he didn't get anything out of it? Who's he kidding?" Given this man could only think of seven, they were seven results that made a difference and left the whole group inspired. He received a standing ovation.
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