January 31st, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

A cross dressing soccer lover.

I love this song. It's been my all time favorite since 2nd grade, when I didn't even know how to use "bitch" in a sentence.

So. Today was a good day. Cross dressed, and it was fun. Suit, tie, hat, everything. Lisa liked it. Dufault liked it. Brown, though she didn't say anything, seemed to like it a lot. Steele smiled. Cavanagh didn't seem to have any reaction to it.

Then again, I've worn more eccentric clothing before. Cross dressed a lot last year, actually.

No actual plant science teachers. All subs. Sadness; I was hoping to break in some new teachers.

I want to get my camera to upload pictures. That would make me happy.

Found out my pin (in my leg) could be coming out, and forming a bulsa or sack around the end. Might have to get that removed. Won't that be fun? It could be causing me all of this pain as well as the clicking, grinding, and soreness. Have to go see Dr. Arrogant (Dr. Scoff). Dr. You Don't Get It (Dr. Something-else) handed me off to Dr. Arrogant again. Dr. You Don't Get It seemed pretty intimidated. Now there's a laugh. Dr. Old Fart, in his godly position, seems slightly amused and can't type emails well at all.

I don't get along well with doctors much anymore.

I want to buy Abby a new soccer ball and have everyone that mised her sign it. There's a rumor that she convinced people to let her back in, and could be back Friday. I was thinking in the car f what would be meaningful after I already gave her my crippled bear (what I was given when I fractured my hip) and a soccer ball came to mind. She'll be able to play again soon.

I also wish to visit Erin. As much as I don't really worry (I never see much point in it) I do hope she's doing well. I hadn't seen her in a year before I saw her Saturday and Sunday, and I really wish to see how she's doing after surgery.

"Looking forward to seeing you for Credo exploration on this Sunday Feb 5 at 10 a.m. Please bring a sacred or special object or two. You know, something that is meaningful to you, reminds you of something you love, or someone, or some place. It could be a hat, an instrument, a doll, an action figure, a rock, a poem, a picture, a piece of jewelry, etc. Something that reminds you who you are. Something you love."

I was thinking about that for a while. My journal, books, and a few other things came to mind. Upon more thought, that didn't seem so appropriate for "me". Well, they are "me" things, but it is not "me" as a thing. My thoughts trailed to Abby and the soccer ball. Soccer ball. Soccer, and sports in general, were pretty much the most important thing to me growing up. Even more than animals. Soccer changed my life, as far as I'm concerned.

I don't only mean the hip, either. I mean the thrill. The idea of being able to play to my heart's content with all the agression and pent up anger in the world and still have compassion for the other players. Because I certainly had compassion when I was playing. Even considering the hip thing that was brought about by soccer, how much did that alter the path I took over the last two years from what it would have been? A lot. I owe a lot to soccer, a lot of love and strength and confidence.

Soccer works for me. Soccer is me. I love soccer.

...but I still like calling it football more. Darn the Americans! If I went around raving about football I'd be throwing the wrong message out. I'm not into American football.

As for the music, I'll probabably bring Dizzy Up the Girl by Goo Goo Dolls, August and Everything After by Counting Crows, and Under the Killer Blue Sky by Jupiter Sunrise.

So that was my day.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I tried to make a writing journal out of spotted_tea. Made the mistake of trying to change the email first. Made another mistake of not re-activating the the email account BEFORE I did that. I can't really do anything without the email being validated. Plus, there's no PSP or Adobe on this computer. Just paint.

It didn't work.

I want a writing journal.

This makes me sad.

I keep moaning and groaning in agony. Not sure why I am.

Actually, that's bull shit and a half.

My hip is depressing me BIG TIME.

I just want to write, cry, and sleep.

-Looks at the song and sighs sadly.- Irony can be so harsh, sometimes.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


... at least I did something useful when I was crying.

I finished my Rediscovery Challenge fanfic for circle_fic and uploaded it. Good thing, since it was due tomorrow and the date was already extended.

Now I just have to finish my erotica teacher/teacher story and edit Raven's story. Then I'll be able to start my next novel, which I'm really looking forward to. It'll be first person present-tense. Funnn.

Woohoo just realized I forgot to shower. Gehhh I'll go do that.

I was told today that I have blackheads. Well, not really. I knew I had little black things for pores and pointed them out so Kleppy told me they were blackheads. I had this enlightening moment. So I'll have to start actually using the cream. Then I'll get a dried out face so I'll have to use the smelly moisterizer. Fun stuff.

Mum's stealing me a new computer chair from her work.

I'm listening to JupeSun, which raises my mood a bit.

Still no writing journal. Now that I've uploaded another story and have a few poems and songs to upload, I want one even more.

First to put Leaving the Greenhouse on fanfic...
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