January 30th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


So Erin is probably in the hospital now. Either waiting for her fourth heart opperation, under the knife, or on the bed starting the long road of recovery.

Yes, I know there are other options. No, I'm not thinking about them.

So I'm sitting here listening to emo music about how people broke the band members' hearts.

I find bitter humor in that I still don't know if I have feelings for anyone. I seem to have forgotten what it actually FEELS like. I haven't fallen in love in around three years.

I mean, I've had infatuations. Yes, I've had those.

Even crushes, mayhap. Madi possibly being a case for that.

But nothing I've had a chance with. Or that's what I tell myself, at least.

How would I know, when I've forgotten what it feels like anyway?

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    All Hail The Heartbreaker || The Spill Canvas.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Water waster water waster....

So Mum and I were in the bathroom (it's kind of funny, that's where we do most of our hanging together) and we look at the toilet. Clogged. We both know how to unclog a toilet, but heeey, Da's home! So we call him in and make him unclog the toilet. It's a disaster; I'm better at unclogging a toilet than he is. So I'm out in the hall laughing my arse off and Mum's teasing him. When he's finished she scolds him and says he should always spray the Spoosh-spoosh-whooshp thing (More likely known as she unclogger-thingy) with this stuff. So she does that, but forgets the nigh mandatory post-clog-flush.

So I do it and she starts laughing and saying, "Water waster water waster, Watson wouldn't like you!" Then she grins, "Oh, look, I made an alliteration!" So I laugh to and repeat, "Like you?" She pushes me slightly and comes back with, "Oh, come on. It was an alliteration all before that!" I push her back playfully and we start making our way out the door. "Fine. Water waster water waster, Watson wouldn't WANT you!" "You?" I say, and give her a small tug to get our of the bathroom. She thinks for a minute and than says in a silly voice, "Water waster water waster, Watson wouldn't want WOO!" I laughed and repeated it as I closed the door.

So now I think I'm going to say "Water waster water waster, Watson wouldn't want woo!" every time someone wastes or uses a lot of water.

Then I took a shower so my face doesn't feel oily.

I found my hat. I'm hoping to cross dress tomorrow. New vocational classes and two new teachers. It sounds like just the day to do it.

I'm also hoping to bring back the bandana look. At least for me. So do any of you have any bandanas you don't want? I don't have much money, but I could pay a dollar per bandana or something... (Note: not banana!)

I hope Erin's doing well. I want to visit her tomorrow or the day after. Sometime around there. I'm scared to, but I think it's the right thing to do...
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