January 10th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


In NatRes second period.

Kiwi: -Walks into room and sits down.-
Mertz: -Looks at her.- Woah! Did you do something to your hair?
Kiwi: -Mumbles under her breath about wearing a mop on her head.-
Mertz: It looks different! You look like John Lennon. Turn to the side!
Kiwi: -Stares blankly and then turns.-
Mertz: Haha, a mullet! You're like super lesbian today!
Kiwi: -Laughs and shrugs.-
Mertz: You should teach gym class.
Kiwi: -Blinks.- I'm crippled... -Turns to Elaine.- Does this make me lesbian John Lennon in a skirt?
Elaine: Guess so.

And that, my friends, is how I became lesbian John Lennon in a skirt.

People liked my skirt today. Tomorrow I'm wearing girl-jeans with no skirt. -Gasp.- They're kind of comfy. I want to get some wear out of both pairs before I have to give them back to Kleppy and Merf. Hopefully I'll be able to find a pair or two nice and cheap.

Anyone have hand-me-downs? Haha.

I'm going to go pluck at my guitar now. Bye-bye.

'Kaythanksyyyye. ~Cro.
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