December 30th, 2005

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

New Layout.

Wow. It took all of 30 seconds to do, literally. I had the picture saved to my computer all ready. I just changed the colors (I had already only been using two, one of which I was keeping) so that was easy. Then I edited about four things in the actual code and I was done.

I really like it, though. I tend to like when the width is smaller on the actual writing-bar, so I like it more like this. Plus it's got Kate Beckinsale.

Actually, +++++ as far as that goes. I liiiike.

Do you?

'Kaythanksbyyyye. ~Cro.

P.S. - All new icons, too. I still have an obsession with eyes, hark hark. If you find any awesome eye el-jay icons could you send them my way? That would be awesome. I adore collecting el-jay icons, even if I can't use all of them.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Day Before New Years.

Mum's letting Snoopy sleep over tomorrow. So that's awesome. At the moment Hope and Kate are over. Hope's getting a lot of enjoyment out of cooking for the lot of us. I must say, Da seems to receive the joy of the food the most. =D. That's usually how it works, though. I'm still trying stuff out, though. It's good. =].

I showed them my livejournal layout. Mum says it looks like the livejournal of a twenty-fve-year-old. O_O;. Heh heh. Whoosh. I don't really know how she got that out of my livejournal. o_o. They all recognized the actress.

♥. I ♥ my livejournal.
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