December 20th, 2005

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Today I missed Kleppy and Catsie. =/. Crycryflailcrywoops. Saw Lisachan without her braces on the bus -- TEH SECKS and a half. So yes, she's loving it. I got a bagel with my free-lunch-for-being-smart slip for getting high honors first term. McMahon flipped on me for brining up not wanting to waste paper, but I could tell he was actually into preserving trees, so I apologized for brining it up. He apologized to me ten times more for flipping out, so all is well and good. Studied for the marine exam in study.

I read the third Pants book during Cafe Vet because we were watching some stupid movie. Then some stupid comedy ones, the worst of which being one about this girl with REALLY bad teeth (as in, they made it that way like they do on MadTV sometimes) walking dogs, having them poop everywhere and not cleaning it up, and then her being chased around a lot. It was a silent movie. Interested? No? Neither was I. =|. I tried to go to the GSA meeting during marine but it turns out what I didn't hear on the announcements was that it was only for officers today. So I went back to marine and took the exam--which wasn't incredibly hard. It was pretty easy. I'll see if that's true when I get the grade back, though.

We talked about the MVT strike in New York City in Hers today. Sadly, I didn't pay much attention. Or maybe I did and we just didn't cover much. I think it was the second, because I remember being very attentive but don't actually remember anything. Eng was normal and nice. It's great to have something to rely on in my day. Lunch was a blast with Makuchan.

Alge was pleasant. I like the class, though I'm yet to come across anyone other than Kleppy and Makuchan who think the same. Ehhh. Whatever--since when have I cared who else enjoys classes and teachers I like? I still like them both all the same. She was really hard on Josh all the same. I keep wondering if she's that hard on me. I think she is, I just tend to enjoy it more. It's fun to challenge a teacher that throws the challenge right back. I think she's pinned that perfectly about me. We get along. Chem I don't really remember. Cavanagh is sick, though, and was pretty sarcastic. It was fun. =D. I wrote, "My pants feel like a hurricane." randomly on my paper and showed Andi, who had moved to sit next to me. She then made me write it on her shoes.

I read and then danced on the busride home. Mum picked me up at the stop, chirped about work and I about school, then ran into Brooks to get her prescription. It took a long time but I had my book so it was fine and dandy. Now I'm home with not nearly as much to do as I had yesterday. I do need to call the Clayroom place and see if they would be willing to donate un-sellable bowls/cups.

I should definitely do more sorting. Doubt I will. Ohhh well. Will when Mum yells at me. C=. Such a nice teenager.

'Kaythanksbyyyye. ~Cro.