December 19th, 2005

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Energy drinks and domineering teachers.

I planned to wake up at 5:00 today, but it turns out my want for sleep won out. Instead I woke up late, went on the computer past when I was supposed to, and then showered. After that I got ready and was out the door. We ended up being late and having to go to Acorn anyway. Lisa was out; she's getting her braces off. I got the name of the pottery place in Walpole center for the Social Actions thing at church: The Clayroom. I'll have to look into if they'd be willing to donate mess-ups not worth selling.

Makuchan came flying into the room in the morning holding up an energy drink can and screaming, "Kiwi! This is the best energy drink I've ever haaaad!" I retorted, "I can tell." and my school day began. Kleppy brought speakers attached to her CD player today. It was kind of annoying, but amusing at the same time. Natural Resources first. Merts commented on the New York Yankees hat I was wearing, and I pointed out that it's just a hat to me. I'm not a baseball fan at ALL. We watched a movie (Alone in the Wilderness) which was pretty awesome. Then we went out on a wilderness walk and visited the most STUNNING brook EVER. It's my favorite place on campus. I didn't have one before, now I do. It's just...breathtaking. It's got hemlocks all around and the water runs well, even if it is tea-colored. That's thanks to the leaves from before. The deer like it in that spot, too. I don't blame them. I can't get it out of my head. I made sure to note where it was and how I can get there.

SAM was uneventful. Exam tomorrow. I'm dreading it. Cafe vet was annoying. We watched a movie. I didn't. I attempted to draw and realized that I didn't have a great grasp on my drawing abilities. I gave up after two attempted pictures. Hers was strange. Steele told me she wanted to talk to me after class. During class we went over current events and the whole Bush-tapping-phone-lines. There was a lot of talk about impeachment as a general subject. It was an interesting discussion. After class Steele called me and a few other kids over to talk about this "Race Relations" essay for a contest for Princeton Prize. It was apparent that she really wanted me to do it most, since she made me stay even after they had left and gave me an extra paper with the application. -Shrug.- I haven't done anything for Race Relations really, though. She says I should still try, and gave off this really evident, "You're accepting" vibe. It's probably just because I called on the whole, "no black angels" thing the other week.

Eng was nice. Dufault went over how leaders have to have that arrogant ego or they don't truly succeed. I just found it hilarious because he voted me in for this leadership progam. =]. Hark hark. Lunch was fun, though no specific memories. Alge was fun. I really like Brown. I'm aware that she can be really condesending, but I really do like her. I had done a problem with a whole lot of work that I didn't really need to do, so she went over it with me real quick and told me that I had done all this work I didn't need to in an amused tone. Then she kind of nudged me (she was standing and I was sitting) and we had a good laugh. I guess I should have been humiliated, but I was actually quite content.

We had a sub in chem. Utter chaos. Mrs. Cuolette? Eh. I don't know how to spell her name. She had no control over us. It was sort of pathetic in an entertaining way.

The bus ride was pleasant, as was the time around the bus circle before I got on. The busride always seems lie this emotional rollercoaster where I reflect over the day. I really enjoy it, even those times that I do shed a few tears. By the end I'm usually dancing in my seat. That's meant to be taken literally, actually.

Now I've got loads to work. I'm out, then. Ja ne. C:.

'Kaythanksbyyyye. ~Cro.
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