December 9th, 2005

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I was watching some bloody rubbish TV, but heard one good line about snakes being symbols of healing. I find this to be very true, even with the well-known fear of them. They're constantly in the subconcious of humans, yet few have seen a snake in its natural environment. I had inspiration, and a day off. What do I get? A poem. No rhyme, no rythm. Just read it.

The snake makes its way towards the tunnel,
Scales sliding,
Muscles working,
And the skin flaking.
This snake is fear.
This snake is hope.
It’s time for a new slate,
Time to be raw.
The skin begins to slip and shed.
It’s itchy, and irritating.
Changing a life can be such an annoyance.
This snake reached the tunnel,
And slips inside.
No resistance.
The rocks and pebbles are pushed away
By contracting and stretching muscles.
The snake is almost free of this itchy skin.
It’s almost time for healing,
But also for a time of vulnerability.
The skin slips off and the snake is left raw.
Healing will come soon, and the skin will grow back.
It will grow back stronger, bigger.
More fitting.
This time of questioning and weakness
Is a comfort.
This snake has time to grow and harden,
Heal and produce a new outer layer.
In the years to come, that layer will slide off as well.
It will be equally itchy, and equally as irritating.
The result will be the same: vulnerability and healing.
This snake is not alone.
All the other tunnels in these rocks give home to other snakes,
All having shed their itchy skins.
They are all ready for their healing.

There. It didn't rot your eyes, did it? Well, maybe it did, but that's not myyy fault. =D. I like it. Personal preference. If you don't like it, please say why and not just that, "It sucks." because I don't think it sucks, but I can accept someone elses experience of it if he or she says why.

I'm "baby"sitting Zach down the street at 12:30 for an hour and a half. I'll get money, and have a few minutes to interview Lisa for that school project. Until then, I read and write.

Enjoy your day.

The girl that was confused upon waking to find a snowday,

EDIT: Screw lj-cuts. Stupid el-jay.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


So I was reading my book while a part of my mind contemplated my previous poem. As I'm reading I come across mention of a horse. So, that part of my mind spreads out and informs me that I should write another poem about a concept that is truly important to me: freedom. And, as I use the snake to symbolise healing, what better to use for freedom than a horse? I was born in year of the horse, and am very Aquarian in nature--freedom is, if not the most important concept, one of the most important things in my life. That's not what the poem is supposed to express, but I still like it. It's just a way for that part of my mind to get in its say.

It’s an empty field,
But not for long.
There’s a steady beat coming this way.
A horse is seen;
Majestic and free and strong.
It’s ready to fly.
That banner lifts and is caught in the wind;
It ripples and undulates justly.
Those nostrils flare,
And muscles work,
As the horse carries on to get there.
There, to this beast, is not a select place.
“There” is the path it is taking.
The field is no longer empty,
And the beating hooves press the land,
Still damp and soft from the morn’.
This creature cares not,
And parades on as much,
Carrying on with its lucid trot.
There’s a pause in the wind
And time slows within reason.
It’s a near perfect picture.
That lone, free horse in that no longer empty field,
The sun watching translucently from the sky,
And the grasses confident in their grouped decision of direction.
The moment is gone and the wind picks up;
The horse is off again.
There’s pounding and beating as the creature nears the woods.
It’s time for another adventure.

I like it. Who knows, I might end up making one for each of the Chinese Zodiac. It's unlikely, but not out of the realm of possibility.

I got a virus on AIM from Lisachan. I'll work on getting rid of it. Until then, No Ki'iks on AIM.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

We are totally not insane...

We've got Snoopy, Robin, Amanda, Trisha, and myself here at Snoopy's. Dancing. Being insane. Acting like chickens.

I'm party entertainment most of the time. With Robin. It's so fucking fun. I've acted like a chicken, spouted off Monty Python quotes, danced, threatened to eat someone's child, much more. This is a blast.

I feel like I'm in 8th grade again, and it is FUCKING AMAZING. I've missed Robin SO MUCH. Snoopy too, but I already knew that. I've talked to her online. Robin I haven't seen or talked to. MISSED HER. <3 Won't go this long without seeing her again.