November 25th, 2005

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

A day is a day, is a day, is a day.

Aquarius: You may be hard and cold when it comes to the facts, dear Aquarius. You may come across as tough and rather harsh, but in reality, this is often just a mask to hide your sensitive insides. Perhaps you are actually insecure about what you feel and how you express yourself. People may never know this about you because you are so good at showing only the strong-willed, electric side of your personality. Be careful of being too stingy of yourself with others.

Pisces: You are likely to feel a bit lonely and perhaps even isolated, dear Pisces. Perhaps you think that no one else has the same wild thoughts running through their heads that you do. You'd be surprised to learn how many people actually do. It is unlikely, however, that you will share these thoughts with anyone - especially not at this time. Don't feel like you have to. Just know that you are not alone and that you have a tremendous network of people to support you at all times.

I woke up feeling pretty lonely and depressed, took a shower and went to take a look at Niji. I'm so worried. I've heard some sites and people say that Pyrus calleryana is a bonsai that stays outside, but I've heard some that say it should be an indoor bonsai. She seems to be doing all right, but she hasn't dropped her leaves. Now I'm beginning to wonder if she's SUPPOSED to. They haven't even turned colors. She IS deciduous, after all... Time for more research. I'm so worried, though. She's such a trooper.

I spent the day online with Linschan and Makuchan, made a Winter Hols Gift List (for me) and started a Winter Hols Gift List for Others. I went for a walk, and it was quite nice. Now I'm back. Mum forgot about our second Thanksgiving tonight at Arthur's with Laura. I'm miffed about that. We're still going, though. I'll be writing my novel for quite a bit of it. After that we're going to Kate's. It'll probably be mainly novel-writing for me there. At least, I hope so. Nonono. I will make myself, because I need to up my wordcount.

I'm doing pretty well. How are you lot?

'Kaythanksbyyyye. ~Cro.
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