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Kiwi Crocus
12 November 2005 @ 06:00 pm
What do I have against help? Why do I resent getting it so much? So many people have tried to help me, and many have. Evan and Nigel have tried to help me. Ah, gods have they tried to help me! With what, I don't recall. Different things. Socialness, my fear of touch, just... loads and piles and masses of stuff! And what do I do for them in return? Ignore them. I can be such a bitch.

Thanks, guys. You have helped me a lot. A lot a lot. And I really DO appreciate it, even if I can never word it correctly. Even when I wasn't talking to you two much, you remained important. Remain important. I like you guys. You're great.

All right. So yesterday I went into Boston with the Coming of Age gang. Diane went too, but we didn't talk much. I was into being with peers. Why am I just realizing that I'm actually witty? Geh. Don't know, but I am. I had different parts of the groups cracking up at times. =] I felt... happy. Truly happy. The way I often feel with different sets of friends. I like that.

I got into a Dating Sims game last night (I'm not even going to deny that I'm just a horny nerd). So I played that for hours. Love Hina. Hahaha. It was great. Today was craft fair. I got to hang out with my fag! Kory is teh greatness, as well. I hung with Kory, Jamie/Wallace, some freshmen, and a lot of other people. Lisachan came later on, and I enjoyed the time with her, too. It was a blast, really.

Everyone was a guttermind. And Jamie looks like the gay guy on the cover of a magazine. I find that humorous. For once, I might actually miss the seniors. Or maybe I'll just nab their screen names. Thanks, technology! I owe you one.

I'm in a good mood. Even though I got my body worked on by this woman Connie. I didn't enjoy it while it was being done (too much touching from a stranger), but I feel great now that it's through. So yes--I'm teh haaaaappy.

Comment, ya? Normally I don't care. Today I do. Conversations, people! COMMENT. -Heart.-

'Kaythanksbyyyyye. ~Cro.

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