November 9th, 2005

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Home sick. Chapter Two complete.

Second day of my period. Oww.

I'm home sick. I'm exhausted, but I can't sleep anymore. I've slept more than twelve hours. My eyes are even more puffy, to the point where it really affects my vision. They're itchy, too. It's driving me up the wall. My throat hurts, too, espcially when I touch it or look up. Mainly on the right side. Strange.

I'm really hungry. Chicken. I wish for chicken, as it's my comfort food. I doubt Mum will let me get any, because I've got some really bad sesame chicken that's a bit old in the fride. It really wasn't good, and it was all attached. It isn't supposed to be. Meh. Maybe I'll try eating it later, but I doubt it.

Doctors appointment at 2:20 p.m. I don't want to leave the house, but I do want to go. Maybe Mum will let me get food after.

EDIT at 1:28 p.m.--I finished Chapter Two of my novel. Tentative title--Sundaes and Cherries at Obedience. I've now got to get ready and take the dogs out. Mum called, and said yes when I asked about food. I now get to look foreword to some good chicken. That ought to get me through my doctors appointment.

5.7k words. I need more wordage. Growl. Need more writing time.