October 24th, 2005

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Robes, Ties, Novels, and ... I'm tired. And procrastinating.

I've decided that I'm going to procrastinate...later.

So for now, I'm waiting for Da to print out my lab report, since I emailed it up to him. I should be doing my Hers homework or studying for my Alge and Chem quizes/tests, but I'm not. Growl. What happened to my being a good student?

I tried to take a nap today but my NaNoWriMo novel idea kept swimming around in my head. I don't think I actually fell asleep, and I didn't get much further in my head as far as the plot goes. Then again, I don't want this plot to be too extensive. I only need 175 pages, and I don't want many more than that. At least 50k words, though. Maybe more, I don't know. I only have a month.

I need to but Makuchan and Linschan into replying to the yaoi roleplay on gaia. Instead, I've got that Kevin boy joining. Makuchan said he wouldn't actually roleplay beyond submitting a profile, since he loathed that enough. Apparently, she was wrong. He doesn't seem like too bad of a roleplayer, though...he's just not in the scene that's currently going on with the characters of Linschan, Makuchan, and I.

And now for something completely different--I have new boots. And Grammie is working on my Rosie robe. I also plan on learning to sew around Christmas. Grammie is also whipping up some fake Slytherin ties for the Haunted Trip. The first thing I want to sew is a Harry Potter (Slytherin) outfit. I know they have patterns; I've seen them.

Busy weekend coming up. During the day we had a class ring meeting. Linschan, Makuchan, and I are all getting the same ring but with different color stone. They also happen to be the smallest and least expensive, but we like them anyway. I just have to ask the parental units. I think they'll say yes, since Da got one. The three of us decided we should all go for the same college, since we're interested in the same things. We also know that we could stand living with one another, even though it'd probably get a bit violent and ditzy at times (hark hark). I've never really had this feeling before...

No. Not love. It's just...I don't know. Fitting in? Actually fitting in? Sure, it's just with two people. But we get along enough to truly bicker and argue and have it not matter. With Robin, for example, I used to hold a grudge. With Linschan and Makuchan I don't do that. They do something wrong, I correct them and maybe get a bit miffed, and that's that. It's over in a minute. I like that. We get along. We have similar goals. I can actually see going to the same college as them and getting an appartment with them. I've heard many people talk of making plans like this, even my peers when I was younger. I never did, though. Not even about highschool. It was always just me. *I* wanted to go to the Aggie, so I did. It wasn't "Oh, do you want to go with me? We could be friends and all!" not even with Cat. She's just a friend I have at the Aggie.

Anyway, I have more important things to do with my time that continue this entry. I really need to do my hers homework, or at least half-arse it. Da brought my lab report, so I've no more excuses.

I want to make a McGonagall collage.

I'm off. Bye.

'Kaythanksbyyyye. ~Cro.

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