October 15th, 2005

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

No; I'm not kidding--I'm anti-humanity.

Cranky Crocus: I wish people would take it seriously when I say I wish humanity just died over night. Few do, though. It's so very true.
UnseenDisaster**: I don't think we all should die.
Cranky Crocus: I
UnseenDisaster00: ?
Cranky Crocus: I'm not saying you do. I'm saying I wish people would take it seriously when I say that that's what I truly wish. I wish they would believe me when I say that the greatest thing I could ever see happening would be to see humanity die out over night. We've had years and years to HELP the planet, and fix what we've destroyed. Instead, what are we doing? Destroying it to the point of no return, and trying to make our lives so that we don't really have to live them. So we don't have to think, or move. And we can think fondly of nature, but we can no longer walk outside and feel the beauty ourselves. It's patetic. We're pathetic.
UnseenDisaster**: I take it seriousley (I know you diden't say I diden't)
Cranky Crocus: (("We" is humanity, not you and me, just so you know. I think you caught that, though.))
Cranky Crocus: Mmm.
Cranky Crocus: Since I can't destroy the human race over night, I want to devote my life to making things right. Yet people still call me selfish, rude, who knows what else? The sophisticated brain is wated on humans. We use such a small part of it, and it's usually used for gossip and making our lives supreme while others of the planet die off without being heard. So when I say I want us gone, or I want to help us lift the other species, life, and resources up with gentle hands, I mean it. I just wish people would see THAT, and not some cynical teenager with a big mouth and supposedly small heart.
Cranky Crocus: Ah...now we know what gets me talking, eh? I'll hush now. I've got to do homework.

By the way, don't try to start an argument over this with me. I usually discuss and argue to see things through the eyes of others; I do that enough--it still hasn't changed my opinions on this subject. Honestly, I don't think anything every will. It's amusing how I can be like this and still be into human rights. Just because I'm anti-human doesn't mean I want us all tortured (even if that's what we're doing to ourselves) or killed off by genicide; I just want more others to be aware what we're doing to the planet, ourselves, and others of the planet.

Anyway, I don't want to have an argument on livejournal at this moment. Maybe some other time I will. If you reply trying to start an argument, I'm more likely to ignore you than anything else.

Mmm... That'd be my mood at the moment. Life is really good for me right now, even if to some it wouldn't seem that way. I'm enjoying myself. If I died tomorrow, I'd die happy. Would you?

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