October 5th, 2005

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Hark hark...

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It's only horrible because MSPaint is the only paint program I have on my computer. Otherwise I would have made it all swift 'nd such.

It's 5 O'clock in the morning. I woke up at 4.

Naps fail at life. Er..actually--I fail at naps. I woke up at 9:45 PM last night and decided I was still too tired. I went back to bed, but not before setting my alarm to 4:00 AM in the morning to do my homework. Woke up, did my homework, and here I am.

Naps are evil. Which is why I like them.

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Degu. *Headthunk.*

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---The freshman Miranda bugging me during school breakfast.
+++Hanging with Mikki, Lins, and Makuchan before Miranda got there.
--Morgan being a bitch and playing nice while Mir was bugging us.
++Having Nat Res.
+++++Being able to read and write during study.
-----Having SAM, doing horribly in the lab, being bitten by a degu and having to go to the nurse for it bleeding, having the teacher mad at my class, and having her be furiated with my group.
+Steele actually caring; even if I didn't want her to.
+++Dufault being a dry stick and making me want to laugh out loud.
+++++Not laughing out loud.
+++Miranda not really bugging us during lunch.
+++Reading during lunch.
+++Having a sub that gave us all the answers in chem.
---/+++Abby being a complete bitch during chem but being damn hilarious when viewing it as a cynic.
--Having a chapter test in both chem and alge tomorrow.
+++++Reading on the bus.
---Grammie not really lisening to me all of the last times I've been with her to discuss the habit, then coming in and misunderstanding everything. No--I am *not* being Briar for Halloween. Yes--Briar *doesn't* wear a habit, but is a gardener. I am being *Rosethorn* for Halloween, as I've reiterated numerous times during each meeting. YES--SHE *IS* A GARDENER! YES--SHE.DOES.WEAR.A.HABIT. *Headkeyboard.* Yes, it's green. My gods. My grandmother is reading the book and she still had to ask all of these questions? When I read a book the images stick even better than movie images. She's the one that tells me she reads constantly.
+++++Being able to vent, relax, and grin while listening to Girlyman.

That was my day. I'm not in the best of moods, but I'm happy. That does make sense. You'll know if you've felt it.

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