September 27th, 2005

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

GSA day. YES.

"I rather liked listening to the stories the old guys in the mall tell. They're so eager to tell their tales, too. If you'll listen, they'll tell you. Because they need to. They need to pass the story on, before their time on earth is through, because when you're old, all you have are the stories of your life. Sharing them is a precious thing. Old people I can handle. If they're angry and shout a lot, it's because they've been alive long enough to know that life sucks. When they tell you stories, it's generally because that's what they have to give. It isn't a whole hell of a lot, but it sets their minds at ease, anyway and I like stories. Overall, I like people--individually. It's humanity in general that I can't stand."

Taken from haruka_kou's journal. Go there if you want, I guess, but since you don't know her and her journal is on friends I don't know what the point really is. From the snipit I posted it's already easy to tell that she's quite a great person. Well, for me it is, anyway.

Computer -- My 'dream car' had the smallest monthly payments when I was done with the exercise. Hark hark.

GSA -- Sweeet. I loved it. We're planning, thinking up fundraisers, picking officers, and things of that sort. A lot of joking, smiling, and laughing. At one point we all had to stand up and say name and grade. I didn't hesitate and just did it, then Linschan went up and said her name and then, "I'm a sophomore, too." Makuchan stood up and said, "I'm Dana and I'm an uh.. freshman." *Headwall.* Hark hark. Apparently Linschan had been whispering "sophomore" in her ear the whole time before, too. I thought it was going to happen; it really lightened the mood afterwards. Linschan fell over backwards after the bell rang. Her and Makuchan had been fooling around and she tripped over my crutch even after I had told them to stop. They got scolded.

Cafe vet -- Presentations due tomorrow. I'll get an outline done. Did my Alge homework.

SAM -- Went over stuff. I was petting that ugly black dog that I randomly started calling, "Smokes."

Hers -- Great class. We set up a debate. Divided the class into four groups of five. She had each group nominate someone to debate for them. My group picked me. Chris was from the other Native American group. We went up against Josh and Jim, as they were from the 'White Men' groups. Josh was pretty dominated, but Jim and I had some good debating going on. He was much to blunt with the others, and didn't really give them time to speak. I spent a lot of time looking around the class to see if they had anything to say. A few of them did. In the end we all got stuck because half the class thought it was fair game to compare it to something similar happening in today's world (as Steele was doing) and half of us didn't. I did.

Anyway, after class she told me that she liked it when I helped lead the class. When I asked her if I had really done that she nodded and said yes, and that I was quite bright. Now that I think back on it, I did do a lot of leading in setting up the debate, getting it going, keeping it going, and getting some discussions after that. I'm quite proud of myself.

Eng -- I forgot my vocab. homework at home but I didn't realize it until I had already told Dufault I had done it. So I just wrote down the definitions during class and made up more sentences. It wasn't hard. I like the story we're doing in literature. It turns out I got an 84 on the Fahrenheit 451 test and not a 58, as Dufault had said I did the other day. I'm glad.

Lunch -- Pretty normal. Ate, studied, talked about stupid stuff.

Alge -- Nothing of real excitement. I think I did pretty well on the quiz.

Chem -- Fun. I think I did well on the quiz, again. Bunsen burner lab tomorrow. That should be fun, considering that Makuchan and Linschan are my partners. One can't remember what grade she's in and the other can't stay on two feet. Grrrreeeaaat. *Headdesk.*

Got off in Wrentham, walked partly to Grammies, was frustrated there over the Rosethorn habit and sewing, then came home. Now I'm going to give Bella a hot compress, take care of my plants, and do homework.

Oh, I took clippings home the other day from Nat Res when we were in the woods. I'm attempting to trick the little sapling into thinking that it's spring. It's a red maple. If this works I could have a beautiful maple bonsai in a few years. Anyway, I pulled this little one out of the ground when I couldn't participate. I was surprised when a large set of roots--older than a year old--came out. The students before me just kept pulling the saplings and yearlings out without getting the roots. So this little one is less than six months, since I'm thinking it started growing in the early spring, and it was growing from roots older than a year old. Interesting.

I'm going to stop this before I get into more about plants. Oh, that reminded me, I have to make a watering log. Thanks, el-jay! Byyye.

P.S. Conservation club is the same day as GSA. That makes me sad.

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