September 19th, 2005

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Today did not go my day, yet I'm still incredibly happy. What the hell? I don't care. This is grande! I love being me.

Woke up feeling sick, went to school, and then felt better almost instantly. Even though Dede isn't working. Linschan gave me candy, and the I had Nat res. After that I gave Watson the remaining candy corn and did my SAM homework in TOS (Torture of Students--gym). Then double SAM where I helped do chores for the guinea pigs and chinches.

Hers after that and we're still watching Dances with Wolves. I'll enjoy doing the homework. Eng after that, and it was slightly amusing. Linschan, Makuchan, and I had an adventure in the elevator, partially with Kory. Makuchan's chem paper almost got sucked into the void of nothingness (elevator shaft), but we saved it!

Chem was all right, and I got a sticker! I named my purple-shelled turtle sticker Saphira and put it in my notebook. Linschan gave me her starfish and had me name it Chloe. Alge was all right, but in that "remember the feelings not the quotes" way.

On the way home Mum stopped at CVS and bought Snowcaps and Paraleils (sp) for tomorrow. She then dragged me into some paint store to look for rainbow boreders. Of course, they didn't have any. I felt tired enough to pass out. On the way home I asked if I could sleep over Linschan's tomorrow night instead of going to Lisa's. Mum didn't consider it.

Mum: "I'll think about it."
Me: "But if you think about it, it'll be too late."
Mum: "Probably." (In a bitchy tone).
Me: (Pissed off). "You suck."
Mum: "Blah blah blah don't talk to me like that blah blah blah. Definitely no."
(More random anger-talk).
Mum: (As we get home). "Take the dogs out."
Me: "Fine." (Slam the doors from the car to my room and then take the dogs out).

So yea, my saying "you suck" wasn't appropriate, but the way she was treating me wasn't, either. I've slept over peoples' houses on school nights before, and when I was a load younger. "You suck" wasn't the most mature thing to say, but I'm still mature. Not only would I have done my homework, gone to sleep on time, and had manners when at Linschan's, I would have made her do the same.

So I attempted to listen to my Jack Off Jill CD (courtesy of Snoopy) and Mum turns it off while I'm in the bathroom. I come back and turn it back on. She comes in and starts going nuts about how it's "grating on her eardrums" and how she's "more tired (scratches that) as tired as I am". Thanks Mum, now I'm as cranky as you are, since you took away my good music.

Then she starts going spasmodic about my iPod not working when it's not my fault. Yes, I'd go and purposely break my iPod, which is not only important to me but also the gift I got through going through my third serious surgery. How does that work out, exactly? It doesn't. I'm just as pissed/saddened about Dede going PMS-y.

I did a ritual with my altar and my incense, which I quite like. At the end something didn't 'feel right' so I went to the door and found I was just in time to see my smallest pug in the large jaws of a greyhound, and being shaken around like a teddy bear in the hand of an impatient four-year-old child. Grreeat. Everything quiets down and I check Bella out--she's got a puncture wound on her right shoulder that's now taken care of. My neighbors (our close friends and the owner of the greyhounds and the yellow lab that got loose and came here) came to make sure our pugs were all right.

I love how they think they're real dogs. No one understood why they were going back to fight. Maybe I'm the only one on my street with real animal instinct, and I don't think humans are superior to our four-legged family; but I can understand. They honestly thought if that if they lost, they'd be losing their home and territory. That's not okay. It's still funny to think back on, though. Muggzzey chased them from our yard (all right, they were being dragged by my neighbors...).

Came back in and I've been online all day. I should do my homework right now. I had grammar talk with Sharon and a few nice conversations.

I'm feeling really swell, though.

All right, this is long enough. I'll wrap it up. Byyye.

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