September 14th, 2005

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Amazing Days.

Today was an amazing day. Actually, I've had been having amazing days after amazing days since school started. I'm not even in love! I can't believe school work can make me this happy. I'm so queer, I love it.

Read and thought on the bus, talked a tiny bit to Watson (though she had a crowd) in the morning, and doublt Nat res. It was pretty fun, we went for a long walk to get rid of large weeds, such as buckthorn. Then SAM, and the highlight was that one of the three dogs in the classroom spent pretty much the whole period with me. First it sat there and let me scratch/stroke/pet it, then it lay down and attempted to sleep. Cafe vet after that, and McKena is still pretty amusing.

Hers was great, and I'm really enjoying the class, as well as *gasp* Steele. I still am not at the point of liking her, but she is growing on me. I'm starting to enjoy are discussions more than ever, too. I'm also enjoying the writing assignments she's giving us nearly daily. OH! And the Native American tribe assignment. I picked the Crows from the midwestern plains and I am *so happy* that I did. They are a superb tribe, and I'm excited to learn absolutely everything that I can about them.

Eng is going well, as we're in grammar. Dufault says I'm, "excellent" at grammar. He said that as we were exciting and he was telling the new girl who to ask for help. He said everyone else was, "Good." That made me feel pretty great.

Lunch was funny, but it's more of a remembered feeling rather than the actual memories. Alge was pretty fun, we had a worksheet. Quiz tomorrow. I have to ask Da one thing. We didn't have chem, instead went to the admin building to get our rule book. That was reasonably fun. On the bus home I just listened to music and thought, since I was told the test is only on the Giver. Now I just have to read that, and stop reading Farhenheit 541 for a while.

Came home, online for an hour or less, and then homework. I wrote my Hers homework, then typed it, then had to write it again because my printer is super picky about what papers it uses. It's so selfish. It's there being picky and I have to go write all of my assignments twice. I also write the most in class. *Headdesk.*

I think I'm going to sing a few more songs and then go off to read before bed.

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