September 12th, 2005

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I can't keep doing this sleeping pill thing. I simply can not. It's horrid in the morning. Today I hit snooze, but don't remember doing it. I lost six minutes. So after showering, it turns out I ran into Ax on the way back to my room. I was naked. So, he saw me naked. All because of that godsdamned six minutes. All morning I was feeling drowsy, too. Stupid sleeping pills.

Sara LaLiberte is afraid of me. The bus was all right. I went to guidance in the morning to 'check out my schedule', but really I was there to support Makuchan. Then I had computers, which was easy. Nat res after that, which is amazing. Currently it's my favorite class. Mertz rambles on like Steele, but he's actually interesting. All we did was go out and look at the red-tailed hawks, a bee hive, and more wildlife that's on the Aggie campus. We did this while exchanging stories. At one point he accidentally inferred that women were week, so I was quick to jump that. He took it well and rephrased it, then asked if he had said it correctly. Abby actually agreed when I pointed it out. I almost fainted at that.

Cafe vet (Canine, Feline, & Veterinary Science) I had double. We took cat parts notes and them maid cat models out of play dough to label. We did it in groups, and when McKenna asked if it would be all right if I went with Jill and Tiana before asking, "Do you two bite?" to them, I replied, "No. The reason why I'm not in a group is because I bite." She has a really dry and warped sense of humor that's quite similar to mine. She reminds me more and more of Tammy's Alanna every day.

Hers was obnoxious. Paper bag that was due today is now due tomorrow. Instead of getting our books today, we are getting them *teh gaspeth* tomorrow. English was pretty amusing at one point. We had to write a proper noun for each object they picked. Dufault called me on, "Building". I said, "Unitarian Universalist Association Headquarters." He retorted something along the lines of, "Most of us just put the Empire State Building. But not our Nicole!" Harkhark. I didn't even mind that he called me Nicole then. Makuchan is now in my eng class, which means she's now in my lunch.

Linschan, Makuchan, and I had lunch the same way we did back as freshies. Makuchan is now calling her cousin, "her freshman", which I think is a bit degrading. I suggested that she should just call Jessie her cousin from now on. Jessie agrees.

I enjoyed chem, as we worked on scientific notation. Alge was fun, too. I'm enjoying both classes. I get what's going on, still. Makuchan is now in my chem class. She didn't get what we were doing in Alge, exactly.

The bus ride home was great besides that I had to hear Sara's high-pictched, squeeky voice the whole ride home. I really wish she would either shut up or quiet down. She got pissed at me and started glaring when I took the spotlight away from her for less than half a minute to speak with Andi. Sara needs attention on her twenty-four/seven. She needs to step down, before I feel like giving her a verbal lashing like I did last year.

Came home, relaxed for a while, and ate a piece of apple pie while Mum was on the phone. Apparently if Unk keeps screwing up his life and not going to the job he's lucky enough to have, he could lose my family our property up in Maine. Up until now I was really sympathetic, but he has a freekin' job! A lot of people don't *have* a job, and he does--he just won't GO to it. So he won't pay the bills, but he'll buy two pounds of fudge. He needs to stop slacking. He should have declared bankrupcy before the laws got more strict up in Maine. Apparently Mum talked some sense in to him after she talked with Seth, though.

I did my homework most of the day, with a few breaks. I didn't get to read Farhenheit 451, but I will be doing that before sleeping. Hopefully I'll get sleepy by reading. I hear rumors there is going to be a test on Friday on the summer reading, so I better go and read it. I helped Makuchan understand the alge work by making an example that she would understand. That made me feel proud, since it prooved to me that I'm a better teacher than I thought I was.

I finished The Color Purple yesterday evening. It was a great book, but it's hard to read through if the reader is a grammar freak. I am, so it was near torture. I'm glad that I've finished it. Now I can finish Eldest, read the books Linschan let me borrow, and then get The Will of the Empress by Tammy. InsanityPages said that there are quite a few mentions of Lark and Rosethorn throughout the book, and she's only half way through. I'm excited to read it.

All right, I'm gone now. Byyye.

P.S. I've been making really long posts lately...I like it.

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