September 9th, 2005

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I couldn't sleep well last night, either. So I took less than a half of a sleeping pill and zonked myself out royally. I woke up with my head pressed against the screen of my window. A pleasant awakening, I must say.

School went well. I understand my calculator a bit more, and I understand everything that's going on in classes. Abby still pisses me off. As does Steele. So not much has changed since yesterday, eh? Maku-chan might be moving back into Linschan's and my English class, thus our lunch, as well. So that could work out for the best.

I was extra emotional on the bus today. I saw a guy smoking when we were stopped at a red light. I was quite disgusted, as smoking does in fact gross me out. But then, when he had finished, he goes and flicks the rest of his cigarette into the grass next to a tree beside the sidewalk. My jaw muscles immediately clenched. Too many people have that much disrespect not only for our air, but also for our environment. It just..*Growls.* After that, though, I continued reading The Color Purple. I got choked up, as though I was going to cry. I heard Watson's name, and I was only closer to crying. I don't have her til next semester.

Then I got mad again, since I realized absolutely no one is close enough to me that they can recognize when I'm fighting back tears. I'm apparently convincing. There has only been one time that someone has noticed, and I was making it obvious so she would (I bit my lip until it turned white). After that I was back to choking back tears at that same very thought. I've been terribly lonely lately.

Anyway, had PT (horrible), did my homework (it was actually fun), went online downstairs, and came up here.

I forgot to say yesterday: When I was at Lisachan's, she put earrings back in my piercings. Apparently they didn't completely seal up. Then again, she used a piercing earring. She didn't actually have to pierce anything. So now I need to ask Mum if I can pierce something on my other ear so that Snoopy can pierce it. I promised her.

Also, I got a letter from Makuchan yesterday. It was pretty amusing in that ditzy Makuchan way. It had me cracking up. Especially with her numerous 'P.S.'-s. I need to reply to that when I go back downstairs.

So that's me. Mmhmm. Nothing else to say, really. *Waves.* Fare thee well!

P.S. I need to get the correct spelling of yesterday in my head. It's such a stupid word to miss-spell.

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