September 8th, 2005

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

First day of school..

But first, I will describe yesturday.

I went to Lisachan's to read summer reading. She gave me a rainbow and silver metal beaded necklace; it's really cool. It's replacing the one I got at Gay Pride. I also ate sliced up jalepano peppers on crackers with creamcheese. It was good. We didn't get much reading, though. I still don't like the writing style of Fahrenheit 451. Actually, it's goes past 'not liking'. I loathe it, and it bores me quickly. Before I started reading this book, I hadn't believed that there was a 'too detailed' in writing. Now I know there is.

Okay, that leads me to today. Well, actually, it leads me to last night. I didn't get any sleep. At all. No exaggeration whatsoever. I just lay there watching the clock all night long. I was too excited to sleep, since I had school the next day. I wanted to sleep, but I couldn't. I woke up, got ready, and got driven to the bus stop.

I looked GOOD. Pssht. More like GREAT. I decided 'What better day to crossdress than the first day? I'll look good and scare the freshies in one breath.' So I did. I even wore my inside-jokey hat with a feather. I talked to Lisachan and Sara (cringe) before getting on the bus. Laura gave me the two CDs. I adore the Counting Crows one. There are way too many people on my bus in the morning now.

Hung out with Linschan and Makuchan during breakfast. We got our schedules in the big mess of sophies that was in the caf. I have all academics and lunch with Linschan. Just Algebra II with Makuchan. Not even lunch. Goose. I don't like that.

Natural Resources dissapointed me, but I doubt it will anymore. Apparently they changed the course a few years back so it isn't as 'boring' anymore. Now instead of being completely about preserving and conserving our natural resources and wildlife, it also includes outdoor activities. Meh. Mertz goes off on random rambles a lot, which is mildly amusing. Unfortunately, I've been put with Abby in ALL CLASSES. *Steams.*

After Natres was Small Animal & Marine Science. I didn't want to take Marine Science. Actually, thinking back, I don't think I signed up for small animal, either. They mashed the classes together into one. Grr. Spain has a really obnoxious voice and says 'uhmm' at least twice per sentance. Canine, Feline, & Veterinary Science was after that. Another very long name. I need to come up with abreviations for all these. I like McKenna. She reminds me of Alanna from the Song of the Lioness series by Tammy. She has all but the purple eyes (surprise, there). She had us draw an animal that represented us. I drew a two-minute black panther/other big cat (I wasn't specific), and it was pretty good. For the trait that we share, I just said 'hunter' since I was rushed.

*GROWLS.* I have U.S. History with STEELE. All I did was walk into the class and feel cynical. Luckily, she still hates Abby. Harkhark. I'm calling the class Herstory, I think. I don't know, though. It's pretty disgusting to learn about, in my opinion. Maybe it's just Steele's teacher. I don't know. I have Dufault for English. I'm really pleased about that. He and I get along well.

Mrs. Brown for Algebra II. She reminds me of Cooper; they're both very strict. I bet Brown will be a good teacher, but I can't be sure. Last year at this time I was judging Steele incorectly. I don't know my Chemistry teacher's name. I know it begins with G, has three a's (the only vowles in it), and ends in gh. Harkhark.

During lunch, Makuchan skipped study. They aren't letting her take a science class! Apparently she's too dumb for biology, but not smart enough for chemistry. As though making her wait with no science class is going to make her smart enough to take chem next year. The people in the admin building are so odd. Lunch was really hurried, and I didn't feel like eating.

I didn't see any freshmen that I was attracted to. I'm so picky.. Not that I mean to be.

I came home, spent three hours on homework (mainly just figuring out my calculators), got my supplies together (I'm using the stuff I didn't use up last year), ate so I could take a pill, and came up here. I'm going to go read and sleep in a minute.

But I reminded myself, my ear problems are apparently being caused by some kind of allergy. The pipe between my ears and my nose are getting pressure from my sinuses and that's what's causing the pain. The odd thing is that I'm not stuffed up or anything. I can breath through my nose just fine. The pain's pretty annoying, though. Nothing I can't handle.

New icon. I added the text and the low opacity white behind the text. The base is by.. someone. It's in the info in my userpics.

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