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Story = A random band (Yellow Dog) is going to write a song about me. Just because they saw me writing so intently in my journal while my family was off having fun and playing pool. They asked me to write a little piece so that they could get a better idea of who I was. Tried and failed. Instead, I wrote a poem-type thing about names in general. It'll be quite a challenge for them, I'm sure.

Today there was snow. I woke up to find it. It had hidden itself from me. Well, not entirely. I've just been too busy/uncaring to check the news/my peers for hopes of upcoming snow. Thus, it snuck up on me. The bus was really, really late. No breakfast for Kiwi at school = sadness. Got to go on gaia during computers since there were seven or less people in class. Sweeeet.

Natural resources = sub and bookwork. Nooo fun. We had to do questions 3, 5, and 8. I did it in this order: 8, 5, 3. Sometimes I'm overly idiosyncratic. Got to listen to music and do more reading. Kushiel's Chosen - Jaqueline Carey (KICK. ARSE. BOOK.)

Strange lab in cafe vet. I'm not meant to be a vet technitian. Heart rates and respiratory...haha. All of our animals were either "dead" or extremely calm. Ohhhh well, not important. Bought and ate skittles. Gelatin. Ohhh well, again. It's not like I told myself I wouldn't eat gelatin or anything. I just feel slightly guilty when I do, since Lisa and Cat don't eat it. -Shrug.-

Test Friday in Hers. Steele spilled her coffee when she was just about to lecture us on leaving messes with the food/drinks she allows us to have. (<3.) Steele scared us in the elevator. The door was closing and suddenly she's there saying, "Now be careful, girls..." Kleppy and I promptly jump and scurry back into the corner/back wall. She caught us by surprise. She laughed; we laughed. Good times. English was easy. Kleppy and I mourned Makuchan's empty desk (she wasn't here today -_-;). Except for that we laughed. We would make terrible priests. (That means no priesthood or veterinary hospitals in my near future as far as career work goes.)

Read and ate beef jerky during lunch. Test in chem. Got schedule for next semester. Horticulture without Watson. Health with McGrath (DEATH). Forestry with Kleppy and Abby. Classes with Laura. No animal courses. I'm looking foreword to all but health. I do like the idea of spending more time in the plant building. I feel so much more comfortable there.

Did algebra well. No stupid mistakes. Teacher was proud. Kiwi was proud. Kleppy was proud. Abby was pissed off, but that's not of care. Too much pride for the room to contain; it seeped into the hall. Drowned in pride while on the way to the bus; spoke loudly from asphyxiation-by-pride.

Read on the bus. Surprise "liek woah" times a hundred. Way to twist the plot. -Happy.-

Homework, studying, procrastination to come. Finally made an entry. (More pride. I'll be more careful, though, and won't let it escape the room. No more pride-asphyxiation.)

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